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It is important that our community members engage with the Board regarding matters of concern or importance. An informed community, is a successful community! Email the entire Board:

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BoD meetings are held the first Monday of the month. Meetings are held at 7 pm at the Lake Linganore Association office.  The meeting agenda is customarily e-mailed to the community the Friday before the meeting.  All meetings are recorded and can be viewed in the membership portal along with the BoD minutes. To view BoD Meeting Meetings and Minutes, log on to your Membership Portal.

Workshops are generally held every third Monday of the month. Workshops are open meetings. However, there is no opportunity for Resident Forum.  This meeting is a working session for the Board of Directors. The agenda is typically e-mailed the Friday before the meeting.

Meet the Board

Brandon Frazier, President

As a Leader, I see Myself as: Consultative, Thorough & Effective

Brandon is the President of a technical sales and consulting firm serving semiconductor, defense, space and other markets with 17 years experience in senior/executive management roles in companies developing or selling products into the above markets. He has 6 years prior service as an LLA board member; two as president, four as treasurer and approximately 10 years service working with the LLA finance committee, reviewing monthly financials and helping build annual budgets. Former member of Task Force on Common Ownership Communities under Governor Ehrlich.

Key Goals

  • Revamp the Budget Process & Change the Structure of our Final Budget Meeting
  • Increase Presence & Engagement with Frederick County and Maryland State Governments
  • Refine & Publish Our Long Term Plan
  • Modernize LLA Covenants & Governing Documents
  • Complete the Initial Dredging & Plan for Ongoing Maintenance Dredging
  • Address Water Quality & Restore a Healthy Balance of Fish and Aquatic Life in our Lakes and Ponds
  • Submit a Full Analysis for a Final Decision on Becoming an Incorporated Town

“We have the privilege of working collectively to maintain and improve our community through volunteering here and engaging more effectively with the county and state. With that, I believe we all have a duty to participate and serve, where possible. I’ve learned a great deal in my years serving this community and would like to remain involved in defining our future and, in particular, solidifying our finances. While we all have ideas we’d like to push, I will first and foremost be a listener and approach all matters as your neighbor.”

Clay Edwards, Vice President

As a Leader, I see Myself as: Honest, Receptive & Determined

Clay is currently the Facilities Manager for a clinical research corporation in Rockville. Clay was an LLA employee from Spring 2004 until the Fall of 2012. During his 8 1/2 years with LLA, Clay was General Manager for 7 years and held multiple positions within the Association. Clay moved to Lake Linganore with his wife in 1996 and has since raised two children here.

Key Goals

  • To Work with the Board on the Most Pressing Issues Facing the Community NOW
  • To Resolve Any Immediate Needs in a Way that is Best for the Association & the Membership
  • To Wait to Identify Long Term Goals
  • To Spend Time Learning About Current Issues Facing the Board
  • To Define Goals as a Team with Other Board Members

Sound Bite
“It is important to educate yourself on the types of challenges facing the community. The balancing act between needs and desires is the most difficult part of operating an HOA. After leaving the Association in 2012 I have wanted to stay involved, so what better way than as a board member.”

George Schwab, Treasurer

As a Leader, I see Myself as: Collaborative, Engaged & Ethical

George is a Real Estate agent with Keller Williams Realty. He has 25 years experience as a general manager in private golf and country clubs as well as residential developments and associations. George has a Bachelor Degree in Business Management and Finance. He has served on the Finance Committee for over a year and a half and will continue to serve. George has also recently joined the Strategic Planning Committee and the Trailblazers.

Key Goals

  • To continue to learn as much about LL as possible.
  • To get to know my fellow Board and committee members.
  • To get a deeper understanding of our short term challenges.
  • To become familiar with LL’s long range plan and the process that has already taken place.
  • To come to the Board with an open mind and no agenda. To finish projects we are committed to and to help shepherd those projects along if needed.
  • To learn what direction the LLA residents want to go with our community. To properly solicit good, quality feedback to be able to have a good idea of where the majority want to see the community go. Giving people a voice is key

“After serving on a number of committees in Lake Linganore, and working hard to get to know and understand our community, I feel that I can be an asset to the Board and contribute toward the challenges our community faces.”

Jack Anderson, Secretary

As a Leader, I see Myself as: Detailed, Inclusive & Energetic

Jack received his PhD in electrical engineering and pursued a varied career in technical management, ranging from managing photovoltaic development in a startup to managing development of a $2.3B global satellite system for telephone communications, to managing world-wide classified defense programs. Jack, now in retirement, runs a small company providing secure internet services. Jack’s background has provided him with skills such as detailed planning, oversight and evaluation of complicated programs, long-range goal setting, collaborative management, and management within a budget.

Key Goals

  • To bring transparency and attention to the budget process – involving the community.
  • To encourage Board members to reach out and offer to attend Village meetings to glean community perspective and then act.
  • To review and revise the LLA covenants, including the dues structure.
  • To the extent possible, we need to be intentional in encouraging development and managing with clear standards that preserve the beauty of the natural environment that makes our community the unique gem it is.
  • To build positive bridges with the County, while advocating for our fair share of support and benefits.
  • To push forward ongoing, long-term programs, such as water quality, future preventative siltation measures and strategic planning.

“It is time to give back. I now have the time, energy, and enthusiasm to further the unique Lake Linganore vision which we all enjoy and want to preserve. Lake Linganore is growing – but needs to grow in a thoughtful and intentional manner.”

Bob Charles, Director

As a Leader, I see Myself as: Dogged, Focused & Reasonable

Bob is a Medical Research Attorney for the US Army at Fort Detrick. He has previously served on the LLA Board of Directors and has been involved for a number of years on behalf of the LLA in its efforts to get the lake dredged. Bob helped negotiate the recent cost-sharing agreement with the City of Frederick and Frederick County.

Key Goals

  • Get the Lake Dredged
  • To make a decision whether to move forward with the Community Center. To get updated input from community members.
  • To involve the Strategic Planning Committee in researching possible locations for an additional beach.
  • To negotiate a cost sharing agreement with the City of Frederick to do maintenance dredging of the upper lake after the initial dredge is complete.
  • To encourage to community to adopt and implement a comprehensive lake conservation plan that is a more proactive approach than what we currently have.

“I am either a glutton for punishment or a pathetically slow learner, probably both.”

Richard Brace, Director

As a Leader, I see Myself as: Open, Engaging & Experienced

Richard is an Activity Coach to developmentally disabled adults for the ARC of Frederick County. Previously a Zoning Planner for Frederick County Planning and Zoning, Richard has had many opportunities to research Lake Linganore and conduct citizen outreach meetings regarding the community. Throughout his career, Richard has maintained a membership with the Maryland Chapter of the American Planning Association to remain current on issues. Richard has served on several committees, including Coldstream Village Committee, Municipal Incorporation Organizing Committee, and the Strategic Planning Committee.

Key Goals

  • Continue progress with Lake Dredging
  • Explore Resident Survey as a Tool to Guide Association Decision-Making
  • Involve More Residents on Association Committees
  • Continue to Monitor County and Developer Progress of the DRRA as it Relates to the MOU and the Association
  • Seek Ways to Make Efficient & Equitable Use of HOA Dues and to Explore Ways to have More Funding Directed to our Community from other Levels of Government
  • Seek a More Independent Future for our Community

“I have sought a balance of activities in retirement and now believe it is a good time to serve in the capacity of the Board Member. I think my experiences could be beneficial.”

Robert Stadelman, Director

As a Leader, I see Myself as: Honest, Diplomatic & Open Minded

Robert is an Upstream Process Scientist for a local biotechnology company. He has 17 years of experience in scientific research and hopes to assist in addressing the community’s water quality issues with the lakes. Robert has been a resident of Lake Linganore for 3 years and hopes to maintain current amenities while preserving the natural surroundings.

Key Goals

  • Develop a comprehensive plan to address current water quality issues.
  • To keep HOA dues at a manageable level and limit the large percentage increases.
  • Modernizing the covenants, rules and restrictions that govern our LLA.
  • Ensure resident and LLA committee feedback is incorporated into the decision making process.
  • Restrict spending on elective capital projects until capital funds are saved to adequately fund them.
  • Finish the analysis on becoming an incorporated town and present the results to our residents.
  • Continue to work with Fredrick County and the State of Maryland to ensure environmental laws are being followed.

“I would like to give back to the LLA. My family and I have lived in Lake Linganore for over 3 years after moving from Seattle. We’ve had a great experience living here. It is a wonderful community and I would be proud to serve on the Board.”