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Advertising Opportunities in Lake Linganore

Print and digital advertising is available to local businesses. LLA also offers event sponsorship opportunities as well. View the Media Guide for more information.

LLA Email Notification List

To keep residents up to date about meetings, issues, events, updates on severe weather (snow removal or flooding), construction projects and other activities or concerns that can impact you in the community, the LLA maintains an email notification list. All email addresses are kept confidential.

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Lake Linganore Association’s Official Monthly Newsletter

LakeTalk, the LLA monthly community publication, was started in February 1996 as a way for the Lake Linganore Association (LLA) Board of Directors to communicate important issues to the Membership. LakeTalk is the official notification publication of the Lake Linganore Association and is considered a membership service.

All prospective contributors must submit their content by 9 am on the 5th of every month. Please note that your submission will be printed in the subsequent issue (i.e., March 5th submissions will print in April’s LakeTalk). Time and space constraints will determine the inclusion of submitted items.  In high volume situations, submitted items will be honored on a “first come, first serve” basis. All content received after the 5th of every month cannot be guaranteed space in LakeTalk. Late submissions will be published as time and space permits.  The LLA office is not required to publish all submissions and may use discretion when evaluating items for print. A past directory is located in the Member Portal.

eLakeTalk: The Digital Format

eLakeTalk is a great alternative for LLA Members with multiple residences or looking for an environmentally friendly alternative. LLA’s hosting tool allows readers to download a PDF of the publication. Please note that it may take up to 60 days for this change to be reflected in the print cycle.

LakeTalk Special Edition

Information & Advertising

The Lake Linganore community is a very large enterprise composed of many entities. Residents, builders, contractors, community groups and the Association are all working to improve the standards of living in Linganore. Living in Eaglehead brings many privileges and carries many responsibilities. As the HOA, Lake Linganore Association is always working to achieve greater understanding amongst those who live, work and play in the community. Peaceful coexistence is not without its challenges, however becoming educated about the role of the HOA and other parties active in Eaglehead builds mutual understanding and fosters success.

To educate community members on an annual basis, the Association produces a Special Edition of LakeTalk. The Special Edition is meant to serve as a primary resource for Association information and is introduced in every September. The reference publication is intended to assist and guide Members throughout the upcoming year.

Trading Post

Trading Post is a popular classified section of LakeTalk. This free listing service is a great outlet for Members advertising items for sale, free items, help wanted, personal services (baby sitters, not day care centers), items wanted, etc. Trading Post submissions are accepted until the 10th of every month but are never guaranteed publication in LakeTalk. Trading Post items are not published in the Special Edition (September issue). All posts must be 50 words or less. To submit a listing to the upcoming “Trading Post” in LakeTalk, please email your submission to the editor at

Requirements & Policies:

  • You must be a resident of Lake Linganore
  • Your membership must be in good standing
  • Listings must be 50 words or less, plus a phone number or email.
  • Proper content: items for sale, free items, help wanted, personal services (baby sitters, not day care centers), items wanted, etc.
  • Any business for profit listings (day care centers, not baby sitters) are limited to 1 free listing, per year.
  • All content is subject to review, editing, or omission at any time by the LLA.
  • Listings are not guaranteed and are at the discretion of LLA.
  • We will make every effort to include approved listings, space allowing.

Submit Articles

The editor encourages all LLA Members to submit writing pieces for consideration.

Readers are also welcome to submit a photo via email of seasonal landscape scenes, community events or other photos for publication. Photos should be submitted as high-resolution JPG’s or PDF’s. Submitted photos may be considered for the monthly “Love Where You Live” column.

All content must be submitted by the 5th of the month for consideration in the following month’s publication (example: submit by January 5th for February’s publication).

Contact the Editor

If you have a question about LakeTalk, or if you are experiencing delivery issues, please contact  301-831-6400 ext. 115, or email