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Resale Disclosure Inspection

Sellers of homes or property within the Lake Linganore Association are required by law to provide disclosure information to prospective buyers.

A resale disclosure initiates an inspection to be done by LLA staff for any compliance or ECC violations that may exist on the property. The starting fee for a resale package is $175.00.

From the time you submit your request to, you should expect the inspection to be completed within 5-10 business days. A resale disclosure letter will be generated and will be released, along with all other LLA Governing Documents, at that time.

Request a Resale Inspection 

To initiate a resale disclosure inspection, go to 

You will create an account that will contain all information related to the resale. You will then be prompted to follow the process and provide information related to the subject property. Payment for this service will be required upon requesting the resale package. Payment can be made directly to by credit card through their system.

Upon submission, this information will be sent to LLA to perform a resale disclosure inspection. The inspection includes an overall survey of the condition of the exterior of the home and/or lot to determine if the conditions are acceptable, and also to determine if there are any exterior modifications or structures (i.e., shed, deck, fence, etc.) that have not been approved.

Upon completion of the resale disclosure inspection by LLA, a copy of the inspection report is generated within that contains any Covenant/ECC violations or unapproved structures. Unapproved structures and/or violations are the responsibility of the seller or owner to take corrective action. A buyer who accepts a property with unapproved structures and/or violations will be responsible for resolving any of these inherited issues.

Important Notice

One of the first steps in placing your request for resale disclosure information is the Association Search. When prompted to enter the “Association Name”, enter your Village Name. See the image below for reference.