What is a Village Manager?

The Village Manager is the member of the LLA staff who is the primary point of contact for all concerns or complaints.  Reach out to the Village Manager if you have a question, would like to make a report, or are experiencing service issues. The Village Manager is best equipped to address your inquiries and will be able to notify the appropriate staff or resources as necessary. Review “Meet the Staff” to know your Village Manager.

What is a Village Chair/Committee?

The Village Chair is a volunteer Member who resides in the Village for which he/she is chair and leads the Village Committee. Village Committees provide a structured group that works to benefit the Village. The committee relies on the direction and support of its residents to provide activities which enhance the Village amenities, promote neighbor camaraderie, and establish Village input and direction in the LLA community. 

Village Chairs meet with the LLA Village Managers quarterly throughout the year (dates noted on the Community Calendar). At the meeting, Village Chairs share their village’s comments, requests, etc. Please note, Village Chairs cannot provide formal resolutions on behalf of the LLA regarding concerns, complaints, etc. (i.e., regarding property, neighbors, pets, etc.). Please contact your Village Manager for more information. 


Meetings for each committee are noted on the event calendar in the membership account. The Village Committees welcome all residents to attend meetings.

Village Chair Directory

Mary and Jeremy Bernitt


Audubon North

Melanie & Matthew Long


Audubon Terrace North Townhomes



Audubon Condos


Kim Hunley & Matthew Campbell

Reyna and Brian Strohecker

Single Family Homes and Townhomes

Elise Harich