West Winds HOA

West Winds (WW) and Woodlands Preserve are governed by an HOA in addition to Lake Linganore Association. Their Board of Directors is comprised of West Winds residents. The WW HOA determines additional WW assessments, WW ECC guidelines, and more village specific information. West Winds HOA meetings are held as needed and are noted on the Community Calendar. The West Winds Board of Directors and ECC contacts can be viewed on the their website at https://www.westwindshoa.org/.


Rules and Regulations

Board Member Code of Conduct
Rules and Regulations
Amended Declaration of Convenants & Restrictions
1st Amendment to Amended Declaration of Covenants & Restrictions
Articles of Incorporation for West Winds Village

Note: The West Winds Village Board of Directors adopted the Rules listed above in November 2009. Upon review, The Lake Linganore Association (LLA) determined that several provisions of these Rules are inconsistent with LLA covenants and governing documents. It is LLA’s position that although adopted by the West Winds Board of Directors, these inconsistent provisions are contrary to the LLA covenants and governing documents, and are in no way supported by LLA. Additionally, LLA maintains that these Rules may not be enforceable and/or that LLA will not enforce Rules that are contrary to, or inconsistent with LLA covenants and governing documents.

West Winds Environmental Control Committee (WWECC)

Any improvements/additions to the exterior of your home and/or property, including any non-organic changes to your yard, must be approved by the West Winds ECC prior to commencing any project. Email the West Winds ECC if you have any comments or concerns regarding your application or have any WWECC-related questions.

Application Procedure

The West Winds ECC General Application Form is used for all requests except for basketball hoop and fence requests, use the Basketball Hoop and the Fence Application Forms contained within the respective Guidelines. General information regarding the application process and WW Guidelines and Application Forms may be downloaded from the West Winds website or the LLA Member Portal.

Mail West Winds ECC application packages to West Winds ECC, Box 589, New Market, MD 21774
Do not use and/or mail LLA Applications Forms to WWECC–WW will not process.
Do not send WWECC application packages to the LLA Office–LLA does not process WWECC requests.

Application and Post-Application Fees and Compliance Deposits

Reference the WWECC Guideline for Application and Post-Application Submission Requirements and Fee Structure, and also for procedural details for submitting applications containing more than one project.
Make checks payable to West Winds Village, Inc.

Acceptance Criteria

The WWECC can only provide approval of an application to residents who are members in good standing (i.e., residents who do not have any outstanding covenant violations and/or have paid in full their annual WW homeowners dues). An application received from a resident who has an outstanding covenant violation and/or has failed to pay his/her WW dues in full will not be considered or processed until the violation(s) is corrected and/or full dues payment has been received and cleared.

Is Your Gas Mantle Out?

Replacement gas lamp mantles are available at the LLA office located at 6718 Coldstream Drive. Residents should contact a professional plumber experienced in gas line installation and repairs for malfunctioning gas lamps.

WWHOA Dues & LLA Dues

West Winds is a unique village because there are two sets of HOA dues, one which is paid to the West Winds HOA and another assessment which is paid to the Lake Linganore Association. The dues paid directly to the West Winds HOA cover the liability insurance of the West Winds Board and Committee members, gas mantles, holiday lights, curb trimming, meeting room rental, community minutes, and paper/postage supplies. For an in-depth explanation of LLA dues assessments, contact the Finance Manager at 301-831-6400 ext. 114.