Why Did I Receive a Violation?

November 25th, 2014 No Comments

What is a Violation, and why did I receive one?

Residents periodically receive “violations” issued by the LLA Village Managers citing specific infractions. Many homeowners live in the community for years before receiving a rules violation of any kind—some homeowners never receive a violation. Violations are citations for specific rules infractions and are categorized as either, “Structural Violations” or “Minor Violations.” The community’s governing documents outline rules and regulations for property maintenance and general property upkeep and appearance. Homeowners typically find out that they’ve received a violation when they receive written notice through the mail, however sometimes a courtesy call is used to notify residents of a violation.

In general, the Association stipulates a variety of rules and restrictions to prevent unsightly conditions from developing in the community and subsequently lowering property values.

Structural Violations are visible physical problems with the home, or physical maintenance concerns. Structural Violations are distinctly different from “ECC Violations” (Environmental Control Committee – this committee defines architectural changes). Structural Violations cite problems with the physical integrity of components like: roofing, siding, trim, fencing, gutters, windows, etc. When homeowners receive a Structural Violation letter, they will be informed of exactly what needs to be repaired/replaced/corrected. An ECC Violation is generally issued when home improvement projects are started or completed without proper permitting and/or ECC approval (ex. replacing shutters with a different color without approval, adding a sunroom without approval, etc.).

Minor Violations cite various rules infractions unique to the Lake Linganore Association. As with any Homeowners Association, Lake Linganore’s governing documents include restrictions related to storage, property use and general aesthetics. Minor Violations represent the following types of issues: garbage cans, improper storage, junk autos, trailers, RVs, unkempt yards, etc. When homeowners receive a Minor Violation Letter they will be informed of which specific rule they’ve broken, how the situation can be corrected, and a time frame to correct the issue.

As many would imagine, a community of 2500 homes requires an aggressive and targeted compliance effort, in order to be successful. It would be ineffective to issue violations for a wide array of items haphazardly. To make community compliance more effective, most violations are issued as part of a much larger campaign. The LLA Staff has two Village Managers (VMs) who coordinate seasonal or targeted campaigns to address specific compliance issues. Some violations can be anticipated (ex. tall grass in the spring, outdated holiday décor in the winter, etc.). Occasionally VMs discover obvious violations while performing inspections—sometimes these are unrelated to the specific compliance campaign they are conducting. Due to the diversity of LLA Villages, each neighborhood presents its own unique set of compliance challenges.

Most violations are issued following a routine inspection by an LLA employee. If homeowners receive a violation letter or phone call, this initial contact is intended to open a dialogue about any corrective measures needed to resolve the violation. Homeowners are encouraged to contact Village Managers to discuss their violation, review the details and to request an extension if necessary.

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