The Linganore Trail System

A 20 mile trail system is located throughout the community.  Trails are a combination of wooded and lakeside trails, asphalt and concrete pathways, wooden bridges and steps, tunnels and one esplanade.  Trails are periodically marked with green posts with a gold community logo. Volunteers and Staff work together to keep trails clear of debris and encroaching vegetation.

If you notice an area in need of service, please contact your Village Manager so that we may inspect the area.

Balmoral-Indian Caves Nature Trail

In December of 2014, Thomas Salamon (Troop #628) wrapped up his Eagle Scout Project. He led a project to transform an existing section of the Indian Caves Trail from Balmoral Ridge down to the Indian Caves into an informative nature walk. With the help of his fellow troop members, leaders and family, twelve numbered posts were installed at points of interest (indicating specific trees, birds indigenous to the area, and the Indian Caves). Thomas then created a brochure that gives a brief description of each numbered object.

Download the Nature Trail Brochure

Keep Common Areas Secure

The key to ensuring that the overall security efforts really work, is by enforcing LLA identification and permit usage.  LLA members must have vehicle ID tags installed properly and carry their membership cards with them while at community amenities and common properties.  Members must carry their ID Cards with them while walking the trails.  Members should never lend membership cards/permits to guests/relatives/etc.  Lanyards are available through the LLA office to make carrying cards an easier task.