Winter Weather Plan

Winter Weather Plan

The LLA Winter Weather Plan is to be enacted any time there is the potential for a winter precipitation event including snow, sleet and/or freezing rain as pronounced by the National Weather Service.

The purpose of this plan is to ensure that roadways are clear of vehicle traffic and parked cars to allow for the safe passage of snow removal equipment and emergency service vehicles.

This plan will go into effect no more than eight hours before the forecasted weather event and will remain in effect no more than eight hours after precipitation has ceased.

Residents are asked to do the following in snow emergency situations:

  1. Do not park on the streets; park in your garage or driveway so that snow plows can do their job and emergency vehicles can get through if needed.
  2. Please remove all basketball hoops, soccer nets, and other portable items that may be damaged by snow plows.
  3. Clear snow from your driveways, driveway culverts, sidewalks, parking areas, heating compressors, mailboxes, nearby fire hydrants, storm drains and trash container areas.
  4. Report hazards and areas in need of maintenance to your Village Manager. In case of an EMERGENCY involving community roads and properties after office hours, call 301-293-3802. The information will immediately be reported to LLA staff.
  5. Four-wheel drive and snowmobile owners are asked to be available to assist neighbors with emergency medical access needs or other service assistance

Snow Emergency Routes

The following roads are deemed “Snow Emergency Routes.” Parking along these roads will be prohibited during a storm event once the Winter Weather Plan is effective. Vehicles parked along these roads during a snow event will be towed at the owner’s expense.

ASPEN: Accipiter Dr.
BALMORAL: Balmoral Ridge (includes mailbox area)
COLDSTREAM: Coldstream Dr./Coolfont Crossing/Eaglehead Dr.
MEADOWS: Fox Chase Rd./Fox Chase Crossing/Meadowlake Rd.
NIGHTINGALE: Nightingale Ct.
NORTH SHORE: North Shore Way
WEST WINDS: Sanandrew Dr./Country Club Rd.
WOODRIDGE: Woodridge Rd./Woodrise Rd.
PINEHURST: Old Barn Rd./Pinehurst Dr./Rockridge Rd./Twin Lake Dr./Hemlock Point Rd./Lakeridge Rd./ East Lakeridge Rd./West Lakeridge Rd./Edgewood Rd./Beach Dr.

Designated Parking Areas During Snow Events

PINEHURST: Hemlock Point Rd. at East Lakeridge Gravel Pulloff (7 Cars)
MEADOWS: Eaglehead Dr. Pulloff Across from Meadows mailboxes (4 Cars)
COLDSTREAM: Pool Parking Lot
WEST WINDS: Pool Parking Lot
SUMMERFIELD: Pool Parking Lot

Culvert Cleaning

To ensure that drainage and stormwater management systems operate properly, it is important for residents to do their best to maintain culverts in front of their home.  Working with your neighbors to keep culverts free of large amounts of leaf debris will help avoid drainage issues during a winter weather event.