Recreation Master Plan

About the Process

This Recreation Master Plan process is a joint effort between the Lake Linganore Association and Oakdale Investments. The process aimed to:

  1. Enhance existing recreation amenities
  2. Increase the quantity of amenities to serve a growing community population
  3. Improve access to and connectivity between amenities
  4. Create new and unique active and passive recreation experiences for all ages

Community residents were able to provide input throughout the process and influence the final results of the plan.

Process Schedule:
July 2013: Launch
August–September 2013: Inventory & Analysis
October 2013: Community Outreach and Meetings
November 2013–January 2014: Conceptual Master Planning
February 2014: Draft Final Master Plan
Spring 2014: Finalized Deliverables

Download Documents:
Informational Presentation (PDF)
Opportunities (PDF)

LandDesign, a planning, urban design and landscape architecture firm was hired to prepare the plan. LandDesign has worked on many similar recreation master plans with lake access, trails, and other outdoor amenities such as amphitheaters as key components. With the collective experience of team members, LandDesign brings a deep understanding of what is required to realize the full potential of Lake Linganore’s community amenities, including design, phasing, construction and costs.


The adoption of the Development Rights and Responsibility Agreement (DRRA) and Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Lake Linganore Association and Oakdale Investments called for the development of a comprehensive recreation plan for the Lake Linganore community. The process will build from last year’s Amenity Survey conducted by the Strategic Planning Committee. In the survey, residents frequently asked for a new community center, improved trails, parking at Coldstream beach, boat storage, dog and skate parks, and additional play fields among other enhancements.

Informational Video

You are invited to watch this ~15 min Video and provide your comments.