Monday Message from the BoD Candidates: 3/5

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Monday Messages from the Candidates

March 5th – Message 1

Board of Director Candidates are not required to participate in this campaign activity. Please see the bottom of the post for a full list of of the 2018 BoD Candidates.

Our Association’s Declaration of Covenants, Bylaws, and Articles of Incorporation are nearly fifty years old. There is a definite need to update these documents. What would you like to see changed? Additionally, in order to adopt a new Declaration, 2/3rds of the Members (1 vote per lot) must approve those changes via a signed instrument. What steps would you take to ensure the Association’s documents are updated to serve the majority of the Members and subsequently approved?  

Brandon Frazier

A key issue is that the community is nearly fifty years old but only half complete. Residents who’ve lived here have certain expectations and experiences, while new residents moving into the community may view things differently. Development – which an HOA is not typically designed to regulate – has changed in response to regulatory requirements and market trends. It’s important that, before we update the Covenants and other documents, we meet with and/or survey a broad cross section of the community, find the common elements and interests and identify changes that are agreeable.

That may include changes to our assessment methodology, which is currently a progressive approach based on average home values in each village. Some favor a flat-fee assessment, and I appreciate the arguments for this. However, when I moved in, I agreed to the current system, and I am not in favor of changing this without broad support from the community. I would, however, recommend alleviating all arbitrary limits in the documents in favor of open, transparent processes based on best practices and industry standards. Both evolve over time, and we should align our documents to evolve in kind.

A Covenant change will require significant effort from volunteers and likely temporary help to reach out and explain the proposals to each household. It will be expensive. One thing that would help is to have more LLA members participating in both the day-to-day business of the association and in its annual election process. Please get to know all the candidates for the board and vote for the ones you feel are best qualified. Join a committee or consider running for a board seat. Greater participation among our membership will help shape the decisions taken by the board year after year and make the prospect of modernizing the Covenants a little easier.

Samantha Hoague

Our nearly 50 year old Covenants, bylaws and Articles were set down in a time where this hamlet was to be second homes, a place to unwind or a retreat. We, really I should say Frederick has grown beyond that of a quiet little hollow and to try to manage our current needs with a set of rules/regulations and bylaws is like herding cats. We have townhomes, Condos and single family homes that range in all manner of styles and cost with needs that are as varied.  We have to ensure that our dues are fairly collected as well as used.  I think our model of assessment must be fair to all and if that means a modified structure other than what we have now then we need to make those changes.  We have been languishing for far too long with this issue.  Our current committee is close to a recommendation on the assessment structure so let’s make a push to get it done.  A separate vote should be taken dealing with just this issue to ensure a 2/3 members quorum. I know when my purse is effected I am sure to voice my opinion.

I also think we should simultaneously take a detailed look at all 11 articles to ensure that we are ready for the changes that are coming our way.

I am dedicated to leading our way for the community as a woman of Frederick and Lake Linganore who knows how to get the job done.  I have been in attendance in all but 2 of the last 26 Board of Directors meetings and feel quite comfortable voicing my opinions.  I want to be able to hear yours in conjunction with our neighbors to keep Lake Linganore as a place to raise our families.

George Schwab

As stated in the question, our Declaration of Covenants, Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation are nearly fifty years old and out of date. We have a committee of dedicated volunteers who give generously of their time to go through these documents, in order to make recommendations to the Board to improve them. The association also subcontracts with an attorney who specializes in these matters and has a solid understanding of Lake Linganore’s documents and history.  After a full year on the board, I recognize that we have a number of inconsistencies in these documents that must be addressed. My feeling is that the Covenants Committee should go through these documents and list ALL their recommended changes and improvements and present this to the General Manager.  We should allow our professional staff to review these recommended changes, make their recommendations and then present these findings to the BOD. As mentioned, it will take the approval of 2/3rds of the members to make any changes. I would recommend we put 2 or 3 of these recommended changes per year to the membership via a short survey to gauge the interest of those changes and if there is significant interest to make a change we should have a formal vote. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me to spend money on a formal vote of our members if we know full well the change will not be approved. These documents are there to serve our members. As a governing body we are obligated to our members to always work on keeping them updated and relevant. As times change, so should our documents.

Matthew Smith

LLA Covenants, Article 5, section 12 “Exempt Property” part (d) states that “properties owned by the Developer pending sale, or pending renting” are exempt from assessments, charges and liens.  If I understand correctly, this exemption exists not to benefit the homeowners of LLA but to allow developers to own empty properties without financial responsibility to the neighborhood.  The significant amount of ongoing construction results in houses that do not always sell immediately yet plenty of additional public areas and streets that require upkeep.  Developers should not be shielded from a fiscal responsibility to the association at the expense of those of us that already live here.  Our responsibility is to the homeowners.

Article 7, Section 3 ” Noxious or Offensive Things” is vaguely defined and entirely dependent on the opinion of the Board.  This should be updated to include a clear definition of what is considered Noxious or Offensive.  Homeowners should be able to consult this document and get the clarification they need to make a decision about their home.  The text in its current form provides no concrete information whatsoever.

All proposed changes should be emailed to the entire community as well as posted on the LLA website.  Notices that display the URL where the proposed changes can be viewed should be posted at all communal areas (playgrounds, mailboxes, pools, gardens, dog parks, etc).  The new changes should be shown alongside the old text so that people can compare and determine if the change is something they support.  Additionally, audio narration of the text should be posted to the website as well.  A survey requesting feedback can be presented after the proposed changes have been seen.


2018 BoD Candidates

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Brandon Frazier 

Samantha Hoague

George Schwab 

Matthew Smith 



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