Monday Message from the BoD Candidates: 3/26

March 26th, 2018 No Comments

Monday Messages from the Candidates

March 26th – Message 4

Board of Director Candidates are not required to participate in this campaign activity. Please see the bottom of the post for a full list of of the 2018 BoD Candidates.

How many Board Meetings have you attended in the last year?  What motivated you to run in this year’s election? 

Samantha Hoague

I have been asked how many meetings I have attended over the last year but what really should be asked is what has our involvement been?  I have attended all of the Board meetings excluding 2 but reviewed both on line. I have held an entire year of village meetings, held numerous events for Summerfield (Halloween children’s contest and parade, Home decorating contests for each of the seasons, clean up event, Picnic, Outreach with DCES, yearlong food bank with  greater Urbana food bank…) I have been out there doing it for Summerfield and getting the job done with the help of the community.  I know Summerfield has become a kinder place to live because we have worked together through transparent leadership.

Now, I know Lake Linganore’s issues are more extensive than any individual village, but I am motivated and have the skills to help solve these issues with a staff that has been reinvigorated with new leadership. The future of the community is in my hands as well as yours.  Balance and Transparency are my middle name.

George Schwab

I’ve missed one Board meeting in the last year and regularly attended board meetings and work sessions prior to being elected to the board.

My motivation to run for the Board this year is to continue to contribute and help improve Lake Linganore anyway I can. I’ve been on the Finance Committee for about two years and have worked with this dedicated group of volunteers and staff to develop the Budget Process in order to create more transparency and insight into how the LL Budget is created and communicated to the residents of Lake Linganore. Fiscal year ’19 is the first year in many  LLA has been able to produce a constant yield budget with adequately funded reserves.

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of our Board, Committees and staff we are in excellent financial footing in Lake Linganore.

Matthew Smith

I have not attended any LLA board meetings.  A number of different observations have inspired me to run this year but I’ll focus on one today.   At least once a week, I pick my daughters up from the bus stop.  This particular stop in Pinehurst is across the street from a playground.  The bus pulls up, backs in to the court, and then opens up for the kids to disembark.  However, there is typically at least one car that drives past the bus during this process.  I believe that our neighborhood needs painted crosswalks at every intersection that is used as a school bus stop.  Right now, there is no indication that the intersection is used as an elementary school bus stop.  Assuming that drivers will react to school buses appropriately has not worked.  We have a situation where children are getting dropped off and running to the playground, their parents, or their homes while some vehicles are trying to find a way past the bus.  This upsets both the folks waiting at the bus stop and the bus driver.  I want to see crosswalks at every school bus stop.  That is my motivation this year.


2018 BoD Candidates

All Candidates satisfied requirements for candidacy. Learn more about each candidate.

Brandon Frazier 

Samantha Hoague

George Schwab 

Matthew Smith 


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