Monday Message from the BoD Candidates: 3/12

March 12th, 2018 No Comments

Monday Messages from the Candidates

March 12th – Message 2

Board of Director Candidates are not required to participate in this campaign activity. Please see the bottom of the post for a full list of of the 2018 BoD Candidates.

The sheer size and intricacies of Lake Linganore demand considerable knowledge and extraordinary effort.  As a not for profit corporation committed to serving its Members in the most effective and efficient manner, Lake Linganore strives to pool its volunteer resources with that of staff to meet those demands.  Do you consider yourself a team player?  Will you be able to put your personal feelings and preferences aside if they are in conflict with the best interests of the Association as a whole?  Please provide an example of an instance when you have set aside your preferences in the interest of others.

Brandon Frazier

Having been involved with LLA for many years, I have a great deal of knowledge and appreciation for the community and its complex history. Yet, almost every day I am learning something new or hearing a new perspective on an old topic. And while I believe my experience is valuable, I recognize the importance of new faces and ideas, the value of diversity on our team.

Volunteering itself is a selfless act, and being a board member often requires skipping work, dinner with the family, or missing our children’s events to attend community meetings. Other specific examples might include…

  • Moving to postpone paving in my village and redirect those funds to fix erosion problems in Pinehurst.
  • Supporting the CDA projects in Coldstream, Meadows, Balmoral, Pinehurst and Nightingale. Although I wouldn’t have chosen the CDA route originally, owners in those villages did, and deserved to get what they paid for.
  • Remaining neutral on the question of passing a flat-fee-assessment. Even as a flat-fee would save me money, it would increase costs for many of you.

Samantha Hoague

We all live here for different reasons, nature, quiet, schools, and safety to name a few. As a teacher, engineer and auctioneer, I have the skills, ability and personal history to treat this responsibility with the required time and DILIGENCE to move us along, to get the job done.

I have been asked to provide an example of how I set my personal preferences aside for the common good and thought that the best example would be as a LGBT woman teacher in Frederick County teaching middle school for 11 years. I was Teacher of the Year at my school and a nominee for the county. This took quite a deal of setting aside. Turning fear into acceptance.

Look folks, there is always common ground between two opposing parties, it may be small but you must look for it and then expand on it. Living with neighbors isn’t always easy but something we as an organization have to do is look for that ground faster so that change can happen. As a village co-chair for Summerfield, enormous changes have been accomplished and I hopefully can use these skills for the entire organization.

George Schwab

I consider myself to be a team player and very much agree that board members must pledge to put their personal feelings and preferences aside if they’re in conflict with the best interests of Lake Linganore Association as a whole. Wanting to be on the board for the soul purpose of pushing a personal agenda is highly inappropriate and potentially dangerous to the wellbeing of our Association. I also believe there’s a difference between having a personal agenda and being passionate about an issue. As human beings it’s natural to be more interested in some issues than others. The question really is, can you look at the issue and be subjective about it and are you willing to hear and consider a different perspective. For example, I have personal feelings about many of the issues that come before the board. However, I often surprise myself at how often I change my mind on issues because I take the time to listen and contemplate someone else’s point of view. It’s not always easy to be truly open minded about issues we’re passionate about.

Matthew Smith

In my profession, I am required to compromise on a daily basis. Software development teams need to build new features that the sales team has promised to customers, fix problems that we already know exist, test the fixes, test the new features, correct new problems (and there are always new problems), and ultimately agree on what can be considered a “finished” product that is ready for release. This all needs to be done within a predetermined amount of time for a predetermined amount of money. As someone in charge of quality, I never want to release a product with known issues. However, I am aware that this would mean we’d never hit a deadline. Every new release of the software we build is a testament to the compromises made by the teams.

I don’t want to talk too much about how I’ve set aside my preferences in the interest of others. I’ve typed a few different answers and reading them back to myself, they all sounded pompous. All I’ll say here is that I am a married man with twin daughters. We have all seen Coco a few times but none of us have seen Black Panther yet.


2018 BoD Candidates

All Candidates satisfied requirements for candidacy. Learn more about each candidate.

Brandon Frazier 

Samantha Hoague

George Schwab 

Matthew Smith 


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