NEW THIS YEAR: BOAT, TRAILER & GOLF CART PERMIT RENEWALS ARE FREE OF CHARGE. Any items below with a check box appearing in the "add to cart" column are ready for renewal. Boats, Trailers and Golf Carts will automatically renew upon receipt of your HOA Dues payment. If you no longer own an item be sure to remove it from your account by clicking on the "edit" link for that item and select "delete". If you have a new item and would like to register it for use in LLA click on the appropriate "add" button below. Any newly added items will be mailed a Barcode Permit. All items must be registered and properly display their unique Barcode Permit at all times for use in LLA.

If you currently have a BOAT RACK LEASE and would like to renew it, click on the blue "agreement" link and initial the onscreen lease in three places then click "update". Once you have done this your subtotal will update and appear at the bottom of the screen. Boat Racks are the only items below that currently require additional payment annually each spring to renew. This is NOT included in your HOA Dues. This is a separate payment made below. To make payment click on the "edit payment info" button then choose how you want to pay (check or credit card) and complete your payment information. If you choose "check" you will need to mail or drop off a check before the March 31st deadline. If you choose "credit card" your payment will process immediately once you click the "Pay Now" button. When ready click the "Pay Now" button to complete the process. If you are not ready to pay but would like to save your changes and come back later click "Save & Log Out". PLEASE NOTE: Boat Rack Leases that are not renewed (signed AND paid for) by March 31st, 2017 will be void and those racks will be reissued to residents on the waiting list. NO exceptions.

Boat Rack Requests