Member Services

Updated March 2021*

*Please note, the updated Rules and Regulations take effect June 1, 2021. This page reflects those changes. Please log in to your Member Portal to review the entire document.

Annual Membership Meeting

LLA’s “Annual Membership Meeting” is held each May, in conjunction with the Board of Directors Election. The location of the meeting is announced in the monthly community publication LakeTalk and on the portal. The primary purpose of this meeting is to elect a Board of Directors and report the state of the association to membership.

New to the Community


New owners must provide a copy of their settlement sheet and an email address to the LLA staff within 30 days of closing. This is necessary to receive portal access, ID cards, permits, and to receive future correspondence, including all news, event notifications, assessment notices, etc.

New Owners should email Member Services at, and request a new owner account. Once a copy of the HUD-1 has been received from the settlement company and an email address provided, Member Services will set up your online membership account.


A Tenant Application along with any required forms and necessary fees (if applicable) must be submitted to the Association prior to occupancy. Failure to register and submit all documents may result in fines. Membership privileges, unless relinquished by the Owner to the Tenant, will default to the Owner. If the Owner wishes to release membership rights (with the exception to vote), the Owner must submit the required documentation to the Association office.


Membership in the Association is designated and verified by copy of the current deed recorded with the State of Maryland, Frederick County, and filed in the Association Office.

  1. Owner of Record: An owner is a person who is the legal owner of a property in Lake Linganore. (i.e., person(s) named on the deed).
  2. Tenants: Tenants are subject to all provisions of the Governing Documents of the Association while within the Association with the exception of Membership rights unless formally granted.

Membership Rights

Membership Rights default to the deeded property owner and their dependents. Tenant membership rights may only be granted to the tenant by the deeded owner.  A property owner who wishes to relinquish membership rights to the tenant may do so via the membership portal by submitting the “Relinquish or Retain Membership Rights” resident request form.  Tenants will still be required to provide a copy of their completed lease agreements to the Association, regardless of membership rights, to receive parking permits. Please note, these parking permits will not grant the ability to park at Association amenities (i.e. beaches, parks, tot lots, etc.) unless membership rights are granted by the owner to the tenant.

Guest Information

  • Anyone who does not own property or live in Lake Linganore is a guest. Guests are not issued ID Cards or permits of any kind. Guests must always be in the company of a Member with a valid member ID card while at community amenities and common properties.
  • Guest Limits: Members are permitted a maximum of six (6) guests at any given time while utilizing common elements subject to the below provisions.
    • If multiple Members of a single lot are simultaneously utilizing a single amenity, the total number of guests permitted is six (6).
    • If multiple Members of a single lot are simultaneously utilizing separate amenities, each Member is permitted six (6) guests.

Guest Fees

Guests at the pools are subject to a $2 entry fee Monday-Thursday and a $5 entry fee Friday-Sunday and Holidays.

Guest Parking:

  • Guests are not issued parking permits.
  • Guests may park non-permitted vehicles at the large Coldstream Pool parking lot.
  • Guests staying with members for an extended period should park in the member’s driveway. Parking on the streets is not prohibited in most places unless it could impede the passing of other vehicles or delay emergency response vehicles. In these instances, if a member’s permitted vehicle is parked on the street rather than a guest’s vehicle, the member’s vehicle permit can help the LLA to identify and contact the owner should the vehicle hinder emergency response vehicles.
  • Guests may not park non-permitted vehicles at any beach parking lot; these are reserved for member vehicles only. Non-permitted vehicles parked at beach lots will be towed. Vehicles not registered with LLA and displaying a valid QRcode permit will be towed from amenities.
  • Guests are not permitted to park at, on, or near community dams.
  • Overnight parking on the streets in Aspen Village is prohibited.

Account Information

The Member Portal is available for owners to make payments for HOA dues, view association news, and more. Paying your annual assessments triggers renewal of your QRcode permits for the upcoming fiscal year. Doing so keeps all registered items active and valid for amenity use.

There is one primary contact per property. The primary contact must be a deeded property owner. The primary contact has access to the portal with a unique login name and password. The portal is not currently available for tenants. Portal records contain your communication preferences, contact information, names and permit numbers of each member (owners & tenants), vehicles, boats, golf carts, and portable basketball hoops registered at the property, and more. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to keep this information up to date throughout the year.

If you rent a boat rack space, your boat rack lease requires an additional payment. Payment for a boat rack lease is separate from the annual assessment payment. Your annual assessment payments can be paid online through PayLease (accessible from the membership portal) or via USPS to CIT Bank. Members can learn more and review their account balance by logging in to their membership portal.

Membership Materials

Membership materials are issued when you move into the community or add a new item to your account. Membership materials consist of a photo ID card and QRcode permit stickers.


QRcode permits

QRcode permits are issued for the following items listed on your account:

  • Member ID cards
  • Vehicles
  • Boats
  • Golf Carts
  • Portable Basketball Hoops

QRcode Permit Information

  • Permits come in the form of a sticker.
  • To be valid, ALL member ID cards, vehicles, boats, golf carts, and portable basketball hoops must properly display their assigned permit.
  • PERMITS SHOULD NOT BE REMOVED. These stickers are permanent and will not need replacing until they wear out.
  • Permits are only issued if you report a permit sticker lost/damaged OR if a new item is added to your account.

Permit renewals

The status of your membership and permits are dependent on your financial status with the HOA. Paying your HOA Dues by March 31st renews your membership and QRcode permits.

Member ID Cards


Members are issued photo ID cards with a permit sticker on the back of the ID card when they move into the community. Members should never lend membership cards to guests, relatives, etc.

The cards must be carried at community amenities and common properties. Due to many trespassers who try to use the amenities, Members must have their member ID cards with them while at common areas and community amenities. Doing so allows Members to prove membership to Amenity Patrol officers when asked. EACH Member can take a picture of their ID card (front and back) to have on hand.

Proof of Residency: You must be able to prove you live in Lake Linganore to be considered a member and receive membership materials. Owners must provide proof of residency or dependency for any Member(s) they are adding to their account. This is usually in the form of a settlement sheet, HUD-1, Deed, Birth Certificate, and/or school record indicating the students address in Lake Linganore.

Member ID Card issuance: Member ID cards are issued once and are permanent. Replacement ID’s can be reprinted for $10 (cash or check). If you are new to the community or have never obtained an ID Card, visit the LLA office at 6718 Coldstream Drive Mon-Fri 9am-5pm, where your photo will be taken, and the card will be produced while you wait.

Lost ID Cards: Call the office to see if anyone has turned in your ID. If so, we can mail it to you, or you may pick it up from the office. Replacement ID’s can be reprinted for $10 (cash or check).



All Member vehicles must be registered. Each vehicle must have the following information documented: year, make, model, color, and license plate number. As a result, a permit will be issued. It must be placed on the inside of the windshield, in the lower corner of the passenger side.

Note: Motorcycles should be registered just like any other vehicle. Permits are not issued for these at this time but are listed on the approved vehicle list.

Towing Policy

Vehicles must clearly and correctly display their assigned permit when parked at community amenities and common properties to avoid being towed. License plate numbers and parking permits are cross-referenced, and if they do not match the information on file, the permit is considered invalid and the vehicle may be towed.

Towing is handled by an outside contractor. Towing fees/fines are collected solely by the towing company. The LLA does not reimburse towing fines. Derek’s Towing is the current tow company. If your vehicle has been towed, please call 240-457-7774.

Portable Basketball Hoops


Portable basketball hoops must be registered. QRcode Portable Basketball Hoop Permits should be placed on the post, approximately 5 feet high. Permits allow LLA to identify hoops and notify rightful owners to claim them should they be removed by the LLA or stolen. Hoops should be moved away from the roadway when the Snow Emergency Plan goes into effect.

Portable basketball hoops may not be used in townhouse or condominium parking areas, including driveways and/or front/side yards. For townhouses, a basketball hoop can only be placed in the backyard of the registered owner.

For single family homes, all basketball hoops must be on the property of the registered owner. Lake Linganore Association reserves the right to demand removal of any portable basketball hoop deemed to be in a dangerous location (i.e., road intersections, blind sight lines, impeding traffic, etc.).

If LLA deems your basketball hoop is in violation, a notice will be placed on the basketball hoop, and the owner will have 48 hours to correct the issue. If not corrected, the LLA will begin the violation process with any registered basketball hoop owner or remove any unregistered basketball hoops.

We do not issue basketball hoop permits for West Winds Village. West Winds ECC has a separate application process for basketball hoop permits. You can find the West Winds application in the Member Portal.



ONLY boats operated by electric, wind, or paddle, are allowed on the lakes. All boats must be motorized with electric engine only. Gas motors cannot be stored on boats. Gas powered boats are only permitted on Eaglehead lakes by authorized agencies (County, State, LLA, and Emergency Personnel).

All boat permits (operated, docked, or on a rack) must be visibly displayed on one end of the boat. If you keep your boat on your property, it must be stored out of sight from street view.

State Boating & Fishing Requirements

The State of Maryland owns all flowing waters. As a result, all state laws regarding flowing waters are in effect and do impact usage on Eaglehead lakes, which are privately owned by the LLA. You are required to license your boat with the state and must obtain a state license to fish on Eaglehead lakes. Eaglehead lakes are privately owned and only LLA members are permitted to fish or boat on them. Please make sure that you have the appropriate LLA and Maryland State credentials.

Department of Natural Resources: Boating

Department of Natural Resources: Fishing

Boat Trailers

Boat trailers may only be used at designated launching ramps and must be attached to a vehicle displaying a valid QRcode Auto Parking Permit when in any common or amenity area. If you keep your boat trailer on your property it must be stored out of sight from the community.

Golf Carts


Golf Carts must be registered and clearly display a valid QRcode Golf Cart Permit on the front quarter panel of the driver’s side of the cart. In addition, each golf cart also receives a matching set of 4 ID stickers. A sticker is to be placed on each side of the cart (front, rear, left, and right). Golf Cart Identification stickers and the QRcode Golf Cart Permit must be displayed on ALL GOLF CARTS to avoid being ticketed, towed, or banned from use.

Before you buy or register a golf cart:

Lake Linganore is not a golf cart accessible community. There are very few paths that allow golf cart use. Golf carts are permitted on designated pathways but are not permitted for on-road use. Road use is governed by state laws and patrolled and enforced by the Frederick County Sheriff’s office.

  • You must read and understand the “Golf Cart Rules & Regulations”.
  • Initial and sign the Golf Cart waiver.
  • Provide a copy of your driver’s license.
  • Provide copy of your insurance policy naming Lake Linganore Association, Inc. as additionally insured.

Additional renewal items needed:

In addition to the payment of your HOA dues, golf cart renewals also require a current copy of your golf cart insurance policy naming Lake Linganore Association, Inc. as additionally insured for your permit to be renewed.


Boat Racks


Boat racks are leased from January through December, and range in price from $75-$150. Annual renewals take place during the month of December for the upcoming year to members in good standing. Boats are permitted to stay on the racks year-round; however, they must be removed from the racks upon request by LLA staff for annual repairs and maintenance.

Boat rack leases are renewed by re-signing a lease and making payment. Rack leases that are not renewed by December 31 will be void and those racks will be issued to residents on the waiting list. No exceptions.

If you are interested in joining the waiting list, please login to the member portal and submit a request. Be sure to include the Boat type (kayak/canoe), width and length, and your 1st, 2nd and 3rd location preference. A list of boat rack locations can be found under the “Documents” tab within the portal.

Boat racks are inspected periodically throughout the year to ensure compliance. Any boats not in compliance (i.e., found in the wrong space, on the ground, no permit, invalid permit, incorrect permit location, etc.) are confiscated and sold at auction if unclaimed within 30 days.

Boat auctions occur on average every two years (when there are enough boats to justify holding an auction) and residents are notified of upcoming boat auctions.



There are approximately 30 (8’x10’) cabanas surrounding the Coldstream Pool that are available for lease during the summer season. Cabanas are a convenient way to store items such as mini-refrigerators, pool toys, beach towels and other items that you use at the pools. Cabana rentals are $75 for the season, from Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day Weekend. They are available on a first come first serve basis to members in good standing. Please stop by the LLA office at 6718 Coldstream Drive Monday-Friday 9am-5pm to secure your cabana lease. Payment and signature are required.

To check availability, contact the front office at 301-831-6400 ext. 110.