Maintenance & Infrastructure

Brosius Dam

Water cascaded over the top of the Brosius Dam on June 3, 1972, the same year it received two honor awards, one for Environmental Excellence in Architecture & Engineering, and the second for Engineering Excellence from the Consulting Engineers Council, USA.

A 600-foot long rock-and-earth-fill dam impounds a 204-acre body of water known as Lake Linganore, named for the larger of the two creeks that feed the lake. Brosius Rock, the boulder located at the corner entrance of the earthen dam, has a carved inscription that dedicates the dam—the Brosius Dam— to J. William Brosius, the father of Eaglehead’s original developers. Incorporated into the design of the Brosius Dam are 11 fountains along the northern wing of the dam area.

Maintenance Concerns

LLA residents can report maintenance concerns by contacting their Village Manager, who in turn forwards the resident’s concern to appropriate LLA Staff responsible for addressing the issue. Upon receipt of the maintenance concern, LLA Staff members will investigate the issue and determine the correct means and method for addressing it. Whether through a Service Request directly to LLA Maintenance Staff or through an outside contractor, who will be solicited for a quote for executing the appropriate service. All maintenance concerns are addressed as rapidly as possible. Upon completion of a Service Request or contracted work, LLA Management Staff inspects all of the work performed both during and upon completion to assure satisfactory results before informing the Village Manager who first forwarded the concern.

Water and Sewer

The water and sewer system operating within Eaglehead is owned by Frederick County and maintained by the Frederick County Division of Utilities and Solid Waste Management (DUSWM).  All utility bills are paid to the county and all problems with water pressure, water quality, sewage spills or problems must be reported to DUSWM by calling: 301-600-1825, regular business hours (8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.)    or    301-600-2194 for 24-hour emergencies.