Common Areas

LLA Maintenance Staff collects trash from over 100 collection containers distributed around the Lake Linganore communities. Collection of the trash, dog pots and aluminum recycling cans is done routinely with extra collections scheduled during the summer when amenities such as the beaches and playgrounds are visited the most.

Remember to do your part to keep the Lake Linganore community and recreational facilities litter free. Always put your trash in a proper container. If one is not available, hold on to your garbage until you find one. NO GLASS CONTAINERS ARE ALLOWED ON THE BEACHES.


Remember to keep our community free of pet waste debris. Pet waste stations are conveniently located on our property for the courtesy of all LLA residents to enjoy a cleaner, healthier environment. Each pet waste station provides bags for all pet owners to pick up after their pets. Remember cleaning up pet waste is the responsibility of the pet owner. If you notice a pet waste station out of bags, please contact the LLA office and let us know.


The LLA Landscaping contract is a negotiated contract that is overseen by the LLA Staff. The contract includes the weekly mowing and general lawn maintenance of all LLA common property and amenities. The contract also includes mulching, tree pruning, shrub pruning, pest control treatments, turf care applications and flowerbed entrance features.

Maintenance Concerns

LLA residents can report maintenance concerns by contacting their Village Manager, who in turn forwards the resident’s concern to appropriate LLA Staff responsible for addressing the issue. Upon receipt of the maintenance concern, LLA Staff members will investigate the issue and determine the correct means and method for addressing it. Whether through a Service Request directly to LLA Maintenance Staff or through an outside contractor, who will be solicited for a quote for executing the appropriate service. All maintenance concerns are addressed as rapidly as possible. Upon completion of a Service Request or contracted work, LLA Management Staff inspects all of the work performed both during and upon completion to assure satisfactory results before informing the Village Manager who first forwarded the concern.

Pool Management

There are three pools open to the residents of Eaglehead. All of the pools are managed by the same contractor who ensures, the pool water and pool areas are clean, safe and compliant to the Maryland Department of Health standards.


Frederick County Recycling
301.600.2960 (to request a bin)

Recyclables must be placed in a blue bin or in an approved container per Frederick County Office of Recycling. Any questions, please call Frederick County Recycling at 301-694-6498.

Snow Removal

The LLA Snow Removal contract is a negotiated contract overseen by the LLA Contracts Committee. A contractor is chosen and is then put “on call” to treat snow and ice related emergencies on LLA’s private roadways.

Review the Winter Weather Plan

Trash and Yard Waste

The LLA Trash Removal Contract is a negotiated contract overseen by the LLA Contracts Committee. The contract includes weekly pick-up of regular household trash and weekly pick-up of yard waste (seasonal April-December). Both are curbside pick-up. The contract also includes a Christmas Tree pickup in January (for real Christmas trees only) as well as two bulk household item pick-up days, once in the Spring and once in the Fall for bulk trash items that are not considered regular household waste.

  • Household Trash Pick-up: Trash collection is split into two separate days to serve Members best. Doing so allows the trash contractor to begin establishing routes to accommodate the growing community, decrease run-ins with school buses, reduce impeding traffic throughout villages, and collect trash timely.
    • Tuesday Collection
      • Aspen
      • Aspen North
      • Audubon Condos
      • Audubon North
      • Audubon Terrace
      • Balmoral
      • Coldstream
      • Linganore Garden Condos
      • Meadows
      • Nightingale
      • North Shore
      • Pinehurst
    • Friday Collection
      • Oakdale
      • Linganore Garden Condos
      • Summerfield
      • Woodridge
      • West Winds
      • Woodland Preserves
      • Hamptons East
      • Hamptons West
  • Yard Waste Pick-up: every Wednesday (April-December)
  • Recycling Collection: every other Wednesday (*This is a Frederick County Service)

Frederick County Options

Frederick County offers free disposal sites.  LLA residents are encouraged to take advantage of these county options.

Unbagged leaves, grass clippings, brush trimmings and limbs (no longer than 8’ long and 6” in diameter) can be left by residents at two County locations at no cost.

Reichs Ford Road
Yard Waste Recycling Site
9031 Reichs Ford Road, Frederick
Hours: Mon-Sat 7:00 am-4:30 pm

Water and Sewer

The water and sewer system operating within Eaglehead is owned by Frederick County and maintained by the Frederick County Division of Utilities and Solid Waste Management (DUSWM).  All utility bills are paid to the county and all problems with water pressure, water quality, sewage spills or problems must be reported to DUSWM by calling: 301-600-1825, regular business hours (8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.)    or    301-600-2194 for 24-hour emergencies.