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Welcome to LakeQuest!

Welcome! Many of you are already familiar with Lake Lignanore’s annual LakeQuest and for those of you who are not, it is a wonderful way for you and your family to get to know our beautiful neighborhoods and scenic trails.

It’s no surprise that everyone has had a great time since 2013 and we have to thank visionaries and co-creators, Christine and Brooke, for creating such a special experience for us. Yet, as things do, a few changes were made in 2016 made to LakeQuest, particularly the Logbook. The final physical logbook was distributed in 2016.

Our goal is to make Quests more of a yearlong activity that engages the community more. 2016 was a combination of old and new as we transitioned to the new LakeQuest with Letterboxes, Geocaches, and PuzzleQuests.

2017 brings new boxes to find and coordinates to follow–Enjoy!


Corrine (LakeQuest Coordinator/The Quest Keeper)

2017 LakeQuest

New 2017 Quests are available May 1 until October 31 in the form of Letterboxes and Geocaches. Learn more and start questing at:

2017 LakeQuest Prize Packages

Prize Packages:

  1. “Out on the Water” (Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard)
  2. “Throw Down” (Corn hole boards made by Lake Linangore Woodworker: YC Woodworks)
  3. “Caching Out” (Geocache beginner kit and other geocache materials)

How to be entered

  • the first 5 people to find a letterbox/geocache and register their find, will receive a LakeQuest bag and an entry into a prize package. There will be a specific stamp (letterbox) and phrase on the log (geocache) members will have to record when registering to be entered.
  • Anyone who submits a letterbox or geocache that is approved and placed will receive a LakeQuest bag (until bags run out) and two entries to the 2017 prize package.
  • The first ten people to locate and register the 2017 original 10 (total) letterboxes and geocaches will receive two additional entries to the 2017 prize package

What is LakeQuest?

LakeQuest is a unique opportunity for Lake Linganore residents to get outside and take advantage of all the wonderful amenities our community has to offer. Quests encourage you (or your team) to explore self-guided challenges called “Quests” at Lake Linganore’s trails, lakes, and other natural amenities. 2017’s LakeQuest begins May 1 and can be found here: QUESTS

Who can participate?

LakeQuest is intended to get folks out to explore and enjoy the trails, lakes, and natural amenities in our community. Quests are for all ages: each household within the Lake Linganore community can participate in LakeQuest.

What are Quests?

Quests are mini-adventures that will encourage exploring Linganore’s trails, lakes, and other natural amenities and require teams to complete a challenge. Over the years, these challenges typically incorporate fun puzzles about history, ecology, wildlife, conservation, amenities, outdoor skills, and principles, or other similar topics into physical outdoor activities on our trails and waterways (such as hiking, biking, canoeing, kayaking, or exploring a stream or other natural amenity). You can find Quest instructions on the side bar (either past Logbook Quests or current Letterboxes and Geocaches).

2017 Quests are in the form of Letterboxes and Geocaches (learn more below).

What are Letterboxing and Geocaching?


Letterboxing are is a treasure hunt, of sorts, that takes place in parks, forests, and cities around the world. Questers use clues to find Letterboxes carefully hidden in out of the way places, and sometimes not so out of the way places. Inside every box is your prize, which is often a stamp that has been hand carved by the creator of the box. Once you have found what you seek, you stamp your prize into your logbook and leave a stamp of your own and a note for the creator to let them know how much you appreciated the fun adventure they took you on.


Geocaches is a not unlike letterboxing, except instead of using clues to find your treasure, players use GPS coordinates and GPS-enabled devices, such as smart phones. Once you have entered the coordinates into your device it will assist you in finding your cache; caches range in size, so you have to have a keen eye and thoroughly search the area for your prize. Some boxes can be so small that they only have room for a small roll of paper, and some boxes are big enough to hold a logbook and various items or trinkets that players can exchange. Just like Letterboxing, once you have entered your find into both logbooks (yours and the box) you have to be sure to place them back exactly as you found them to ensure that the next player that comes along has the same great experience that you had!

We hope this quick guide has piqued your interest and invite you to check out the following websites for more information on these exciting hobbies: and

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