What are the Governing Documents?

The documents outlined below can be found on the Membership Portal.


The Lake Linganore Association Declaration provides an overview of the conditions and restrictions of the Association. It is the official Declaration of the Conditions, Covenants, Restrictions, Easements, and Changes affecting the real property known as Eaglehead. Located within the Covenants, you will find information on membership rights, property rights for common properties and more. The LLA Declaration can only be changed with a 60% vote of the total membership of the Association.


The Lake Linganore Association Bylaws dictate the structure of the overall organization. You will find details outlining the Board of Directors, how the Board is structured and how they operate. You will also find information on board elections, and meeting requirements.

Environmental Control Committee (ECC)

The Lake Linganore Association Architectural Review is delegated to the Environmental Control Committee (ECC). The ECC is a sanctioned committee of the LLA Board of Directors and is comprised of volunteers who review all of the architectural changes proposed to homes and properties by existing Members of the Association. The LLA also employs Village Managers who act as liaisons between Members and the committee.

Rules and Regulations

The Lake Linganore Association has adopted a set of Rules and Regulations to further meet the objectives and constraints within the Covenants and Bylaws. The Rules and Regulations mostly encompass the appropriate use of the LLA amenities and common property. Rules and Regulations can be changed by a resolution of the LLA Board of Directors.

Articles of Incorporation

The Lake Linganore Association Articles of Incorporation were designed to incorporate the Association to be organized as, and operate as, a not for profit membership corporation, of which no part of the net earnings shall be incurred for the benefit of any Member or individual.