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What is the purpose of the Compliance Committee?
Lake Linganore Association’s compliance process covers specific areas as laid out in the Associations governing documents.

Each property owner is provided with a copy of the Associations governing documents during the purchasing process. It is important that each property owner reads and become familiar with the Covenants, Codes and Restrictions (CC&Rs) and the Rules and Regulations of the association.

The governing documents are also available for review by prospective residents.

What is the CC&Rs?

The CC&Rs is a document that regulates the use, administration and maintenance of property. It is a recorded document and usually in place before the first property is built. It is a non-negotiable document crafted by the developer or declarant.

What are the Rules & Regulations?

The Rules and Regulations is a document that is adopted by the Board of Directors. It is usually more specific in its wording than the CC&Rs. A copy of the Associations Rules and Regulations is included in the package that you received when you purchased your property.


Rules and regulations are established by means of a board resolution. It is a motion taken at a board meeting and adopted by the Board of Directors.

Due Process

Part of the Due Process is the reporting of violations to the relevant LLA staff member.

View the Due Process.

A violation may be reported by a resident, a Board Member, or the Compliance Inspector.

All reports of alleged violations received from residents must be in writing and signed when communicated via postal mail or fax. If Email is used, there must be a homeowner’s name and address in the body of the Email.

LLA will keep the identity of the person reporting the violation confidential. However, the complainant may be called upon as a witness at a point in the due process. All reports of violations are first inspected by the Compliance Inspector or an LLA employee to ascertain if there is a violation of the governing documents. Once a violation is confirmed then the LLA staff will commence the notification process.


A ‘violation’ is issued for an infraction of the Association’s governing documents via a series of formal letters. The intent of the 1st letter is to advise the property owner of the violation, and the period within which the violating condition should be corrected.

Property owners are encouraged to contact the LLA office to discuss the violation and any specific circumstances that may hinder immediate correction. Most violations are corrected at this stage. If they are not, a second violation notice is sent out and the expectation is that the issue is corrected within the noted time frame. If the violation persists and corrections are not made, the issue will then be escalated to the hearing stage.


Except in extreme cases, fines are not assessed prior to the hearing with the Compliance Committee. At the hearing, the resident at fault will have a chance to express their point of view to the Compliance Committee, a group of volunteer residents from different villages in LLA.