Due Process

The LLA follows the due process when a violation of the covenants or rules and regulations is noticed. A violation can be reported by a resident, the BoD, or LLA Staff. The complete process can be viewed in the Member Portal under “Documents”.


A “violation” is issued for an infraction of the Association’s governing documents via a series of formal letters. A “Friendly Reminder” is sent to the hometown to current a violation as the first step of the Due Process. The 1st letter intends to advise the property owner of the violation, and the period within which the violating condition should be corrected. The extent of the violation typically determines if the violation is corrected with this first step. If the “Friendly Reminder” is not observed, the Due Process continues. Members can contact their respective Village Manager if they receive a compliance violation.


If a violation is not corrected in a timely manner, the Homeowner will be issued a notice to have a hearing with the Compiance Committee. The Compliance Committee acts as a third party when reviewing a violation and may choose to implement fines, grant further extensions, etc.


After the hearing, the Homeowner has the right to appeal the compliance committee’s decision to the BOD. The appeal must be submitted in writing to LLA within ten days of receipt of the hearing decision. The BOD can choose whether or not they would like to hear the appeal.