LLA Committees and Clubs

Meetings for each committee and club are noted on the community calendar.

Community Garden Club


Tiger Waddell, Garden Manager

Interested in renting a plot in the Community Garden?
Request to review the rental agreement and/or add your name to the waiting list by contacting garden@lakelinganore.org.

Community Garden Info

  • $20 Annual Rental Fee and $50 Refundable Security Deposit*
  • Open to all LLA Residents
  • 22 Raised Beds
  • Deer Fence
  • On-Site Tool Shed
  • Controlled Access
  • All Organic
  • Rain barrels are available in season for use at the garden plots

*Annual rental fee and refundable security deposit fees charged per plot.  Security deposits are refunded based on plot condition at time of relinquishment.

Not sure what to plant late in the year? Click here to review this table for vegetable planting dates.

Compliance Committee

The Compliance Committee’s goal is to assist the LLA Board of Directors by holding hearings for alleged violations of the Governing Documents by property owners. All information shared with the Compliance Committee is confidential.



Did you receive a violation letter?

Please contact your Village Manager if you received a compliance issue on your property and would like to discuss the alleged violation.

Contracts Committee


Don Hoffman

Mission, Vision & Goals

The committee is composed of Linganore residents who have experience with contracting principles. The committee’s mission is to ensure fair and equitable procurement of goods and services. The committee reviews and/or creates the Scope of Work for large contracts within Lake Linganore, as well as the opening of bids and provides recommendations to the BoD for contracted services.



Joey Romagnoli

Volunteer for ECC!

Are you looking for a volunteer opportunity? Do you have experience with construction, housing/building industry, or carpentry experience and can read site plans? Are you available on the evening of the 3rd Tuesday of each month?

The ECC holds meetings for applications submitted for all improvements to the outside of your home according to the guidelines of the Governing Documents by LLA. Most applications are handled by your Village Manager except for new home construction, additions, or unusual applications.

Email your Village Manager if you are interested! Meet the Staff

Do you live in West Winds?

West Winds has a separate Environmental Control Committee, otherwise known as WWECC.  Make sure you reach out to the WWECC with any questions if you are a resident of West Winds Village. View the WWHOA page for more information.

Events Committee


Cindy Hoffmann

Mission, Vision & Goals

The Events Committee is comprised of resident volunteers.  All volunteers benefit from having input and organizing events that they would like to see take place in their community.  Meeting and socializing with other residents and neighbors helps to build a tight-knit neighborhood. The Committee would like to hold a variety of social events that foster goodwill among residents of all ages and pull the community together.  We aim to organize events for residents of all ages and have something for everyone. Currently, we plan and implement the Summer (June) and Winter (December) Festivals.

Finance Committee



Do you have questions about your LLA Acount?

Contact the LLA Finance Manager at Finance@lakelinganore.org.

Friends of the Lake


Erin Johnson

Friends of the Lake (FoL) contributes to the long term health and sustainability of the natural resources at Lake Linganore. We educate homeowners about sustainable living tips that can be easily accomplished at home. We hope to develop knowledge that will benefit your family, your pets, your property, and the lakes and natural resources in our community.

Please feel free to contact us at FriendsofLakeLinganore@gmail.com if you would like to share a resource, express a concern, ask a question, or you would like to receive future information concerning meetings and events. We would love to hear from you!

 For more information, please visit www.lakelinganore.org/FOL

Municipal Incorporation Committee (MIOC)


Rick Brace

What is MIOC?

The Lake Linganore Municipal Incorporation Organizing Committee (MIOC) is an Ad Hoc committee that was created and authorized by the Lake Linganore Homeowners Association Board of Directors (LLA BOD) to investigate the issue and process of municipal incorporation of Lake Linganore At Eaglehead. Because of the research and findings of our committee, the committee has unanimously decided to be in favor of incorporation as a town. We are a non-partisan, non-political committee of residents who believe that incorporating as a town gives our community better leverage with our representatives, more control of town services, and a return of our tax dollars to our community. We invite you to contact us and learn more about the process of incorporation in our community.


Incorporation Timeline: What it could look like?

Documents and maps used by the MIOC in its investigations are available on the MIOC’s Facebook page. Click Here to Visit the MIOC Facebook Page!

Hear from a past Board Member
James Schultz is a past Board of Directors member and he is weighing in on Incorporation. Read more!

Top Reasons to Incorporate:

  1. Without Incorporation, HoA dues may increase by 24% to meet the required Reserve.
  2. Up to 1/3 of our HoA dues becomes tax deductible.
  3. About 1 Million dollars a year will be County funded to maintain our roads.
  4. Private Lake and trails stay Private!
  5. Community will have more direct input in managing town functions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What areas would be included in the town limits?
The municipal limits would be identical to the original Lake Linganore At Eaglehead PUD boundaries.

Will the ameneties will remain private?
Yes. The HOA would still exist and be responsible for the amenities of the neighborhood that would not be open to the public- The pools, trails, and lakes would
remain private amenities that only owners and residents have access to.

Will we pay HOA dues AND local taxes?
Yes, but your HOA dues would be reduced to cover the amenities only. The numbers show 60% of your HOA dues cover what would become town services (roads, snow removal, trash, etc.). That 60% becomes tax deductible when you itemize on your personal Federal Tax return.

What do we gain by incorporating into a town?
We gain control of nearly $1.1 million in State income taxes and County Tax Equity funds that we can then use for issues WE feel are important to OUR community as opposed to relying on County and State officials for these decisions.

Won’t we end up paying more if a new layer of government is added?
Both internal and independent financial analysis shows that the LLA already operates like a municipality and performs the functions of a town, including having a paid staff. When the LLA budget is split out into what would remain in the LLA HOA (all amenities and community land) and what would be transferred to municipal responsibility (primarily road maintenance and snow/trash removal) the fiscal analysis of these two budgets combined shows that overall out-of-pocket costs to LLA residents would be the same as we currently pay in LLA dues. The organization of staff would change and some administrative jobs would be split between the HOA and the town. It would probably be necessary to hire a town planner – probably part time, but this expense would be more than offset by the $1.1 million the town would receive in State taxes and County Tax Equity (see above)

How will the municipal government be restricted from raising taxes and costing us more over time?
The Town Charter is the place to institute safeguards against this. It can (and should) be drafted to clearly restrict the amount that taxes can be raised annually and at what point a general referendum on raising revenue would kick in. There is also the opportunity to specify what (if any) new services would be put in place. In essence, the residents of the proposed town must write the charter they will vote on and that is how control is put in place.

MIOC Blog post links

Pros and Cons of Incorporating Linganore
FNP Spotlight: Recapping MIOC’s Inception
Incorporation and the New Charter Government
It’s Petition Time! Petition for a Vote
Legal Opinions Show Promise
Feasibility: Awaiting Legal Council

Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch is not coordinated through the LLA. However, there are several Neighborhood Watch programs active in the Lake Linganore area per the National Neighborhood Watch website. If you are interested in learning more, you can visit nnw.org/find-a-watch-program. The best local contact to answer any questions is the Community Services Deputy with the Frederick County Sheriff ’s Office, Amber Blackmire (ABlackmire@frederickCountyMD.gov).

Important Numbers

Emergency: 911
Non-Emergency: 301-600-2071
Crime Tip Line: 301-600-4131
Sheriff’s Office Info Desk: 301-600-1046
Sheriff’s Office Community Services: 301-600-2071

Security Handbook

Protect your home and secure your property. Download the Handbook!

Neighborhood Watch Workshop

There was a Neighborhood Watch Workshop on April 17, 2014.  This event was attended by Sheriff Jenkins. Download the Workshop Overview!

Strategic Planning Committee (SPC)


Aimee Kandelman

Mission, Vision & Goals

The mission of the Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) is to serve as a liaison between the residents, the Board, and communities and their leaders beyond our borders in preserving all that makes Lake Linganore a unique community. The SPC is charged with sharing visions as new areas develop. Working collaboratively is the best way to ensure that respect for the natural beauty of this area is protected to the greatest extent allowable. The committee aims to:

  1. Be mindful of the desires of residents by always advocating for them
  2. Uphold our covenants to retain the amenities that we currently enjoy and add new amenities to continue the vision that brought us to this point
  3. Respect the land, lakes, trails, blueways, greenspace, and wooded areas
  4. Promote a sense of community through organized activities such as concerts, farmers markets, volunteer opportunities, and the many other aspects that make this a wonderful place to call home

A “big picture” view projecting a long range plan for the community’s future is our core goal. This plan is for the entire community and should encompass the vision of all residents.

The SPC is comprised of a mix of residents from various villages. We are committed to gathering, organizing, and providing feedback on what residents would like to see in the future for LLA. Other members could benefit greatly by getting involved. Contact the SPC Chair for more information.

2018 Survey

In April 2018, nearly 1200 residents responded to a community input survey. We would like to thank the community for the overwhelming feedback. Log into the Member Portal to review the full SPC Survey Report (within the “Documents” section).

Traffic Management Committee


Phil Westott

Trailblazers Committee


Katrinka Westendorf & Kathy Murtagh

Work Sessions

Work Sessions are on the second Saturday of the month at 9 am. The committee meets in the Coldstream Pool parking lot and car-pools to the designated work site.

The trail map is available here or in the LLA office.

Balmoral-Indian Caves Nature Trail

In December of 2014, Thomas Salamon (Troop #628) wrapped up his Eagle Scout Project. He led a project to transform an existing section of the Indian Caves Trail from Balmoral Ridge down to the Indian Caves into an informative nature walk. With the help of his fellow troop members, leaders and family, twelve numbered posts were installed at points of interest (indicating specific trees, birds indigenous to the area, and the Indian Caves). Thomas then created a brochure that gives a brief description of each numbered object.

Download the Nature Trail Brochure

Forever Foundation Trail Guide

Boy Scout, Duncan Slade (Troop 1998) created a Nature Trail Guide for the Forever Foundation. The .4 mile trail-break leading to the Forever Foundation is found approximately midway through the Balmoral Trail (Trail 3 on the Lake Linganore Trail Map). There is also a QR code on the first post along the trail for Members to scan and access the trail guide on their phone or tablet.

Download the Forever Foundation Nature Trail Guide

Mission, Vision & Goals

The LLA Trailblazers is a small, dedicated group who has a common goal of helping the Lake Linganore Association staff restore, preserve, and improve the many miles of trails that are in the community. Adult property and lot owners, as well as LLA teenagers, are welcome to join the group. Members of the community who become involved with activities of the Committee benefit: by fulfilling a desire to “give back” to the community; by gaining a sense of pride in their accomplishments; and by meeting, working alongside of, and fostering friendships with other members of the Lake Linganore who share common interests.

It is envisioned that in the future the group will perform only light physical activities such as spot-pruning encroaching vegetation, marking trails, and monitoring/reporting deteriorating trail conditions and emergency repairs to LLA staff. It is our hope that with staff performing trails maintenance duties (as outlined in the “Eaglehead Trail System Maintenance Plan”, approved by the LLA Board of Directors on December 1, 2003), and with the Committee’s decreased (but still active) presence, it will be ensured that the trails system remains a viable and valuable community amenity.