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CDA Construction Drawings

If you are a general contractor in Lake Linganore at Eaglehead, it is important to remember that all projects within the 5 CDA Villages must be compliant with SWM systems outlined in our CDA construction drawings. Please utilize the following resources before beginning work in the community. The Villages are Coldstream, Meadows, Balmoral, Pinehurst, and Nightingale. Designs for all other villages should be on file at the county DPW.

You will need to review the following drawings and have your site plan engineer certify that your plans conform to the SWM systems shown on these approved plans. This is a component of the New Builder Packet provided by LLA.

*For a set of redline plans on the Water and Sewer upgrades within the same 5 CDA Villages, please contact the Frederick County Division of Utilities and Solid Waste Management at 301-600-2078 or -1825

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Road & Drainage

Balmoral/Meadows/Coldstream Road & Drainage

Pinehurst Road & Drainage

Nightingale Interior Approved Plans

Nightingale Entrance Approved Plans


Q. What is the C.D.A?

A. State Enabling Legislation established a process to allow Frederick County to create Special Tax District refered to as the “C.D.A”. (Community Development Authority) for financing roadway and stormwater management improvements. Under this authority, the residents of Lake Linganore have agreed to tax themselves to pay for these improvements.

Q. What areas of Lake Linganore are incorporated into the CDA?

A. The five villages included in the CDA are Coldstream, Balmoral, Meadows, Nightingale and approximately one-half of Pinehurst.

Q. Who do I contact if I need more information regarding the CDA, or If I want to know if my lot is included in the CDA area?

A. For more information on the CDA, please contact the Lake Linganore Conservation Society (LLCS) at 301-865-3757 or

Please note: if you own a lot in Nightingale, Balmoral, Meadows or Coldstream, your lot is automatically included in the CDA. If you live in Pinehurst and wish to know if your lot is on the CDA, you may either contact the LLCS or the Lake Linganore Association Office.

Lake Linganore Conservation Society (LLCS)

President: Charlotte Dusold
Treasurer: Pat Foster
Secretary: Larry Dusold

Mission, Vision, and Goals

LLCS Board consists of members with a working knowledge of the documentation authorizing the Lake Linganore Community Development Authority.

Residents interested in helping further the LLCS’ mission to promote the construction and maintenance of environmentally sensitive roads and storm water management can become involved by forming an LLA roads committee to help advise the LLA staff on road maintenance plans.

The mission of the Lake Linganore Conservation Society is to help preserve and protect the lakes and streams of the community of Lake Linganore at Eaglehead by developing roads constructed to an environmentally conscious design; by building stormwater management systems; and by increasing public awareness and appreciation of the lakes and the importance of proper watershed management practices through education, field studies, advocacy and lake restoration activities.