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Michael McLane


“Inclusive Leadership Guiding Our Community to a Strong & Prosperous Future-I Like Mike”

As a Leader, I see Myself as: Adaptable, Energetic & Inclusive

Short Term Goals
To Determine & Begin to Act on a Plan to Dredge the Lake as Soon as Possible | Thoroughly Assess the Current State of the Association to Fully Understand What Needs to Be Done | To Build on the Success of Events Hosted in 2013 in order to Promote Year-Round Community Involvement & Fellowship

Long Term Goals
To Dredge The Lake-Our Most Valuable Asset-& Restore it as the Keystone for Our Community | To Promote Sustainable Growth that Affords New Families the Chance to Be Welcomed Neighbors, While Still Preserving Natural Resources | A Strong Financial Sustainability Plan that Remains Viable Even if a Developer Partner Leaves

Meet Mike
Mike is the Director of Nursing at a local hospital and has served in various leadership positions during his career as a healthcare professional. Mike graduated from the University of Scranton with a BS in Nursing and was commissioned as an officer in the United States Army. He organized the care for both privates and generals, treating all the same and equally. His civilian career has afforded him the opportunity to lead various healthcare teams. As a leader in Nursing, he has been tasked with managing multi-million dollar budgets, reducing deficits and increasing profit-margins. One of his key tasks is to promote excellent customer service and facilitate optimal teamwork.

Mike is approaching completion of an MBA and has gained a solid understanding of business doctrine. Mike and his family have called our great community home for almost a decade and he hopes to help ensure that Lake Linganore continues to be a viable community long into the future.

“Our wonderful community is at a pivotal crossroads. I have served on the Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) and have gained a great understanding of many challenges and opportunities we will meet in the future. We need solid leadership that will listen to the concerns of all our residents and make the best decisions for Lake Linganore based on facts, financial prudence and longevity. Previous leadership has set the stage for our community to thrive and prosper long into the future, but difficult decisions still remain. We have the opportunity now to make many important decisions that will affect us for decades to come and I would like to help our community through those decisions with steady, calm and un-biased leadership. This is time to evaluate all of our options and make the best decisions for our future.”

Sam Schrecongost


“Sam Schrecongost, For the Love of the Lake”

As a Leader, I see Myself as: Open, Representative & Respectful

Short Term Goals
Become Familiar with Community Government, Procedures & Board Members | Understand the Current Issues Facing the Board and Any Plans Already in Place | Continue to Meet with Other Residents to Better Understand the Community’s Vision

Long Term Goals
Ensure that the Lake Dredging Project is Realized & Performed in an Ecological & Fiscally Responsible Manner | Work to Slow Down Sediment Load into the Lake to Provide Preventative Maintenance | Help Promote a Sustainable & Balanced Approach as LLA Experiences Extended Development in the Future

Meet Sam
Sam is an Environmental Specialist for the US GSA and a graduate of Marshall University where he majored in Chemistry and minored in Biology, Geology and Physics. In his current position Sam is charged with keeping over 300 federally owned buildings in the Washington, DC area in compliance with environmental laws and regulations. Sam reviews projects to ensure their compliance. He also recommends best practices to ensure environmental stewardship and reduce risk (environmental, health and financial risk). Sam’s background in the private sector as a consultant and Project Manager has provided experience directing large projects, achieving consensus among stakeholders, and presenting ideas and alternatives to large groups. Sam was also the head of a department where he was charged with its financial operations and management of projects, clients and employees.

Sam’s family just moved to Lake Linganore in 2013 and he looks forward to getting involved in our community and raising his children here.

“I believe that this is a very special place and I want to be involved in this community and its future as we will be raising our children here. In addition to community involvement and civic duty, our community is poised to go through some significant projects and changes in the near future. I would like to be part of these processes and lend my views and talents to help make these transitions successful and beneficial for the residents of the Lake Linganore community.”

Thomas Murray


“Do it Right, the First Time & Every Time”

As a Leader, I see Myself as: Collaborative, Empowering & Responsible

Short Term Goals
Complete the Process Underway to Explore Incorporation & Prepare for the Petition Drive & Ultimate Vote by Residents | If Voting Supports Incorporation, Prepare & Manage the Transition of Current HOA Functions that will Transfer to the Municipality | Work with Oakdale Investments to help ensure that They Fulfill all of Their Obligations to the LLA & Community

Long Term Goals
Advocate for Completion of the Bridge over the Dam to Help Alleviate Current Traffic Challenges | Planning & Execution of a Plan to Construct a Community Center | Ensuring that LLA Funds are Spent in the Most Efficient Manner

Meet Thomas
Thomas has been a Project Manager and Program Manager for many years, and is currently a Program Manager for an Alaska-Native-owned federal contractor in Baltimore. A common thread in his career as a manager, or as a Navy Officer before that, has been to identify issues and challenges, develop a plan of action to address them, and see the project through to completion.

Thomas has become involved with the Municipal Incorporation Organizing Committee (MIOC), and has achieved an understanding of the issues, costs and benefits of becoming a municipality.

“I believe that this is a very special place and I want to be involved in this community and its future as we will be raising our children here. In addition to community involvement and civic duty, our community is poised to go through some significant projects and changes in the near future. I would like to be part of these processes and lend my views and talents to help make these transitions successful and beneficial for the residents of the Lake Linganore community.”

James Schultz


“An Exciting Time For Linganore”

As a Leader, I see Myself as: Collaborative, Efficient & Candid

Short Term Goals
Memorialize a Cost Sharing Agreement with the City/County on the Dredging Project | Finish the Repairs to the Esplanade | Participate (& Possibly Drive) Awareness of the Incorporation Efforts

Long Term Goals
Incorporation | Execution of the Master Plan/Development of the Community Center & Parks

Meet Jim
Jim is the President and Co-Founder of and currently serves as President of the West Winds HOA. Jim has been a resident of Lake Linganore since 1999.

“I have enjoyed working with the LLA on behalf of the West Winds neighborhood and think this is an exciting time to be part of the Linganore community.”

Melinda Dawson


“It’s About Safety, Fairness & Communication”

As a Leader, I see Myself as: Direct, Open & Fair

Short Term Goals
To Understand What the Biggest Issues Are Facing the LLA Today | Increase Communication with Homeowners | To Address Security Issues

Long Term Goals
To Ensure Adequate Funds & Resources for Our Infrastructure Maintenance & Improvements | Fair Interpretation of All Residents’ Desires with Regards to Amenities | To Protect Homeowners’ Investments in Our Community

Meet Melinda
Melinda is currently a stay-at-home mom and for the last 3 years has served on the Board of Directors for the Audubon Terrace Villa Condos at Lake Linganore. The last 2 years of her tenure was in the position of President of the Board of Directors (her service on the Condos BoD ended in December 2013). In addition to serving on the Condo Board, Melinda has acted as Controller and Contracts Manager. She has managed her own business and achieved a well-rounded knowledge and insight into the inner workings of businesses, as well as an association.

Melinda has lived in Lake Linganore for over 20 years and truly enjoys all that Lake Linganore has to offer.

“I want to be involved! I want to be part of a Board that helps our community, Lake Linganore, continue to be a safe and enjoyable place to live.”

Clay Edwards


“Work Together!!!!!”

As a Leader, I see Myself as: Honest, Receptive & Determined

Short Term Goals
To Work with the Board on the Most Pressing Issues Facing the Community NOW | To Resolve Any Immediate Needs in a Way that is Best for the Association & the Membership

Long Term Goals
To Wait to Identify Long Term Goals | To Spend Time Learning About Current Issues Facing the Board | To Define Goals as a Team with Other Board Members

Meet Clay
Clay is currently the Facilities Manager for a clinical research corporation in Rockville. Clay was an LLA employee from Spring 2004 until the Fall of 2012. During his 8 1/2 years with LLA, Clay was General Manager for 7 years and held multiple positions within the Association.

Clay moved to Lake Linganore with his wife in 1996 and has since raised two children here. He greatly enjoys the family atmosphere of Lake Linganore and hopes to use his past experience and love for this community to help with any decision the future Board may have to make.

“It is important to educate yourself on the types of challenges facing the community. The balancing act between needs and desires is the most difficult part of operating an HOA. After leaving the Association in 2012 I have wanted to stay involved, so what better way than as a board member.”

Olen Moore


“Improving Our Community”

As a Leader, I see Myself as: Inclusive, Progressive & Participative

Short Term Goals
To Support the Work of the MIOC & See that the Question of Municipal Incorporation is Resolved in 2014 | To Ensure that Residents Have All of the Information Needed to Make an Informed Decision About Whether to Incorporate | To Ensure Adequate Road Maintenance is Being Completed & Sufficient Funds are Being Put into Reserves

Long Term Goals
To Ensure All the Great Lake Restoration Efforts Continue | To Remain Diligent in Efforts to Restore & Maintain Lake Linganore | To Create Additional Facilities for Our Teens

Meet Olen
Olen has 40 years of experience in Engineering and Management for government communications and information technology (IT) contractors. His experience includes system engineering, project and program management, and executive management as Division Vice President for a large defense contractor. Olen is currently a part-time Program Director for a cyber security and IT services company, and plans to retire by the end of 2014.

Olen has been a resident of Lake Linganore for 11 years and looks forward to having more time to devote to volunteer work in our community.

“I have been a resident of Lake Linganore for 11 years, and have seen many changes. A lot of progress has been made in the past four years in the management of our resources and assets, as well as resident involvement in the community. I would like to serve on the LLA Board of Directors in order to help build on those accomplishments.”

Phil Wagner

eVote Headshot_Wagner

“Vote for Phil!”

As a Leader, I see Myself as: Conscientous, Logical & Decisive

Short Term Goals
Get to Know People Throughout the Community & Understand Their Viewpoints | To Make Decisions that are Best for the Community | Help New Board Members Gain an Understanding of the Current Issues

Long Term Goals
Increase Safety for Pedestrian & Vehicle Traffic | Improve the Amenities | Improve & Build a Sense of Community

Meet Phil
Phil is a Senior Engineer at Rodgers Consulting and holds a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering. For the past 10 years he has been working as a Civil Engineer. Phil has designed and prepared construction plans and documents in all aspects of land development.

Phil is a current Board member and in the past year has gained an understanding of the current issues facing the community.

“I want to do what’s in the best interest of the residents. I believe I can help our community.”

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