Seeds of Change: Behind “Discovering Eaglehead”

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Bringing History to Life: The Ladies Behind “Discovering Eaglehead”

Lake Linganore Association has a long and sometimes forgotten history. In recent years it has been more important than ever to understand how our community was conceived and how it has evolved over time. The passing of Linganore’s founder, Bill Brosius in the spring of 2013, further punctuated the need to preserve the history of Lake Linganore.

In the summer of 2013, a small team was formed to complete this monumental task–the project was named “Discovering Eaglehead: The Man, The Vision & Lake Linganore’s History.” By all accounts this historic preservation project would be massive in scope, covering both Bill Brosius’s life, influences and upbringing, as well as Lake Linganore’s inception and subsequent evolution.

Enlisted to support this project was Charissa Roberson, writer and resident of Linganore. Charissa’s writing ability would bring the project to life and capture a multitude of information. At the heart of the project, was the eldest daughter of Bill Brosius, Carolyn Anderson, who would provide personal accounts and past perspective. These ladies would marry their talent and knowledge to create a kind of historical anthology that would become Discovering Eaglehead.

Charissa with Brosius Family
Photographed by Mary Ellen Roberson. Taken outside the home of Bill Brosius. From left: Jay Brosius, Carolyn Anderson, Anita Brosius-Scott and Charissa Roberson

Crafting the written word of the series is Charissa Roberson, an aspiring writer who has contributed short stories and personal works to LakeTalk for over two years. At just 15, she exhibits the maturity of a seasoned author. Since working on Discovering Eaglehead, Charissa has been instrumental in articulating the story of Bill Brosius and the original concepts of Lake Linganore. The volume of content that Charissa has absorbed and reproduced, accented by the quality of her writing is remarkable, and will surely serve the community for years to come.

Carolyn Anderson, the eldest daughter of Bill Brosius, has been a guiding force since the beginning, when the project was still being defined. Carolyn graciously opened her father’s home to Charissa and others so they could experience the authenticity of her father’s passion. Carolyn’s constant support and thoughtful review of the project has helped to produce not only an unprecedented LakeTalk series, but also an accurate account of Lake Linganore’s history. Bill Brosius kept scrupulous notes and even in the final years of his life continued to document his memories, concepts and hopes for the future. The spirit of Bill Brosius and the inspirations that shaped his life and career are never more evident than in his home. Carolyn has generously shared her father’s personal belongings and allowed his office and home to be explored in support of Discovering Eaglehead. Without Carolyn’s enthusiasm and commitment, this project would not be possible.

It must also be recognized that the Roberson Family has always supported Charissa’s innate interest and passion for writing. Charissa’s mother and teacher, Mary Ellen Roberson has always encouraged Charissa to express herself through writing and has worked to incorporate this hobby into Charissa’s school curriculum when possible. As a home school student, Charissa has been afforded many creative opportunities to harness her love of writing and translate her works into school assignments.

Aside from Discovering Eaglehead, Charissa has contributed written pieces to local newspapers and has recently authored a transcription of short stories told by missionaries. Charissa’s potential is endless and her partnership with Carolyn Anderson has created a bold and intriguing narrative. Charissa’s eloquent and colorful writing style, coupled with Carolyn’s memories and sensibility for her father’s convictions has been a perfect combination.

Charissa with Carolyn
Photographed by Mary Ellen Roberson. Taken inside the home of Bill Brosius. Opening a box of historic documents. From left: Charissa Roberson and Carolyn Anderson

Charissa and Carolyn have held countless meetings and maintained regular correspondence since the project’s beginning in the summer of 2013. Together they have studied a myriad of files, photos, slides, newspaper articles, and architectural plans, combing through hundreds of documents to provide the project with as much information as possible. Their shared commitment to Discovering Eaglehead has greatly contributed to Lake Linganore’s identity and will continue to serve community members for many years come. It is with great appreciation that we acknowledge Charissa Roberson and Carolyn Anderson for their devotion to Lake Linganore. We hope community members enjoy the Discovering Eaglehead series and recognize the efforts that helped to make such a project possible.

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