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Aspen North


Katie Mitchell

Co-Village Chairs

Erin Hajjar

Lisa Heizmann

Tara Rodgers

Meeting Schedule

Meetings are held quarterly. Please direct questions to the Aspen North Village Committee at Village Committee Facebook Page

Meeting Minutes

Beginning May 15, minutes will be solely available in the Membership Portal under the eLibrary. Members can log into their account and find current and past minutes under “Village Committees and Minutes”.

February 6, 2018

October 9, 2017

Lake Linganore’s Newest Neighborhood

Miller & Smith is proud to present their new single family home collection at Aspen North. Modern Lake Living with open plans with walls of windows, dramatic Kitchens and Great Rooms, indoor/outdoor living spaces and up to 3,400 square feet. From the mid $400s.

Two Decorated Models Now Open

For more information, visit

Take a peek at Miller & Smith’s new video on Aspen North at Lake Linganore: Check out the Video!

If you have questions about the future construction plans for Aspen North, please contact the Miller & Smith Project Manager, Thomas Hyde at 703-821-2500 ext. 240 or

What is ‘Aspen North’ and Who is Miller & Smith?

Aspen North is a small village of just over 100 lots. Many property owners purchased their lots back in the 1970s hoping to one day build their dream home. This village (although platted and sold) never had roads built. Homeowners have been working for years to put together their own CDA in order to start building on these lots. During the past year, several Members of Aspen North have sought an alternative approach. They reached out to developer, Miller & Smith, to see if they would purchase and develop these lots. Miller & Smith agreed, and in July 2014, the developer purchased and closed on these lots. Their plans are to clear the area and build approximately 100 moderately sized homes on these lots. With this purchase the Association received approximately $40,000 in back dues and fees paid out of the settlement on these properties. This sale to Miller & Smith was a win-win for the Association and the former Aspen North property owners.

Over the next year you will begin to see a substantial increase in activity related to this development. For the Association, we established an MOU with Miller & Smith whereby they will continue to pay all dues on lots which are buildable. The Association anticipates approximately $500,000 over the next seven years and over $100,000 each year afterwards from additional assessments to this village. This plan will now transform a village that was dormant for almost 40 years into a neighborhood with a new beginning.