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May 22nd, 2013 No Comments

To: Residents of Lake Linganore

From: Bob Kimble, General Manager and the LLA Board of Directors

We feel compelled to write to you as a result of some feedback that was received at the May 20 board meeting that made apparent the need to further stress the important details regarding a recent agreement that has been reached between Lake Linganore and our developer. Some misinformation that has been circulating around our community could jeopardize that agreement and we are providing the below to help you understand how this agreement benefits us.

After months of negotiations and several hours of dialogue, the Association reached an agreement with the developer, Oakdale Investments LLC. This agreement is called a MOU (Memorandum of Understanding). This is a legal and binding document executed between the developer and the Association. It is filed in Frederick County Circuit Court Land Records and a copy can be found on our LLA website at the following link: Click Here to View the LLA/Oakdale MOU

What the MOU does for you and the rest of Lake Linganore:

In an effort to ensure that the best was being done for the Lake Linganore Community, your Board of Directors entered into extensive and honest dialogue with the developer.

The first priority was to maintain the scenic and serene atmosphere that many have moved to Lake Linganore to enjoy.

This was accomplished by the following properties being donated to the Association by the developer:

  • Indian Caves Archeological Site
  • Isles of Balmoral
  • North Shore property to be used as additional parking for Coldstream Beach
  • A 100 foot buffer to the lake where trees cannot be removed

*A total of approximately 285 acres will be green spaced and preserved compared to 665 acres to be developed. That means for every acre of developed land, .429 acres (nearly ½ acre) will be set aside as green space!

Second the Board of Directors wanted to ensure that the developer was willing to provide financial help in maintaining our largest and most cherished asset: Lake Linganore!! The LLA is taking steps to address the costly dredging needs of the lake and the developer has agreed to contribute $1,000 to the dredging fund for each lot developed and sold in the future.

Next the Board wanted to get help financially from the developer in fulfilling a long awaited amenity that was previously promised by other developers but never realized due to the multiple bankruptcies of the past: a Community Center!! Oakdale is in agreement on this point also. With the MOU the Association will be getting $1,000 per lot for the Community Center Fund and an additional $1,000 per lot for the Capital Improvement Fund, which is currently being earmarked for the <strong>Community Center</strong>. Your board also pressured the developer and they agreed to donate the “Barn Area” as a site for construction of the Community Center. This is the area on Eaglehead Drive on the left before Coldstream Drive. It is an 8 ½ acre commercial site and is valued at approximately $1,000,000.

But the Board of Directors was not through. They wanted to make certain that promised amenities like trails and playgrounds were built. They wanted to make sure that even as the development was completed funds were contributed by the developer to construct new amenities for the community. This developer agreed to escrow $1,000 per lot to the Amenities Fund. This way your Board of Directors ensured that the unkept promises of the past would not be repeated with this developer.

With the convoluted history of Lake Linganore, your Board of Directors wanted to make sure that what they were putting into place was binding on all future developers or owners of the non-developed PUD property. The MOU does exactly that.

It is true that the Developer is proposing to build 3235 new dwellings in the Lake Linganore PUD, but 1500 of these dwellings are already on the books as approved pending APFO (Adequate Public Facilities Ordinances) review. Only 1735 “new” dwellings are proposed in the PUD areas that were downzoned by prior Boards of County Commissioners. The restoration of residential zoning and the adoption of a DRRA as requested by Oakdale envisions a measured build-out over a 25 year time frame, and the final number of dwelling units is approximately 1/3 less than was originally contemplated when the LLA PUD was first recorded in the late 1960’s.

Additionally, it is important to understand that if the restoration of residential zoning is approved and a DRRA is established, the developer will still have to comply with building restrictions including moratoriums on building on steep slopes and protection of the Lake Linganore and regional watersheds.

We understand that there are quite a few Lake Linganore residents who are opposed to ANY new home building on the undeveloped PUD properties. While we respect their opinions, we think it is both unrealistic and unwise to try to prevent any new home building within the Lake Linganore PUD area for the following reasons:

The Lake Linganore Community has suffered for many years from insufficient revenues to maintain our infrastructure. Much of the problem is that our primary amenities (main connector roads, tennis courts, pools, trails, Esplanade and Lakes) were designed for a community of 10,000 homes contributing dues on a yearly basis. We currently have less than 1/3 of this number of dues-paying homes actually contributing to the LLA budget. The restoration of residential zoning and the DRRA will correct this and provide a financial benefit for all current LLA residents as the additional revenues generated by new residents are able to be used for properly caring for our current and future community assets……and this doesn’t even include the benefits the developer has agreed to in the MOU!!

A couple of scenarios that illustrate the issues:

If we maintain the status quo, and have no further development, and the dredging of the lake costs somewhere in the $4,000,000 – $10,000,000 range (as currently projected), then the cost per home and lot would be approximately $1,400 – $3,400.

If the rezoning and DRRA are approved and we have 7,800 properties and the dredging cost is the same, the cost per home would be approximately $500 – $1,300 per lot.

In our opinion, the second scenario makes it much easier on the pocketbook and this is just one of many financial benefits the LLA stands to gain if the rezoning and DRRA are approved. It is important to recognize that there are significant green space and land use preservations included in the overall plan that will preserve the feel of our community.

The MOU with the developer is contingent on the rezoning and DRRA approvals by the BoCC.

So, please join us in supporting the restoration of residential zoning and the DRRA tonight at 7 pm in Winchester Hall, 12 East Church Street, downtown Frederick.

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