2018 Board of Director (BoD) Election: Meet the Candidates

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Meet the Candidates

All candidates satisfied the requirements for candidacy. Candidates are listed alphabetically.

Brandon Frazier

Leadership Style: Inclusive, thorough, and effective


  • 19 years senior management in tech-oriented firms, including 13 as a principal/owner.
  • Prior experience as an LLA Board Member with emphasis on rebuilding our reserves, business processes and planning.
  • Participation on the LLA finance committee

What encouraged you to run for the BoD?

I enjoy working with the board and its diverse mix of people and interests and feel we all have a duty to serve the community in our own way. There are several efforts started during or before my current term that I’d like to see to completion.

Short-Term Goals

  • There is still a great deal of work remaining to move the Lake Linganore dredging project forward.
  • Supporting our newly hired general manager as she assumes leadership of the community
  • Reviewing and adopting the LLA Long Term Plan
  • Improving our management of builders, particularly within established parts of the community
  • Completing our community wide road maintenance plan

Long-Term Goals

  • LLA financial stability is and should remain an ongoing goal. We have made significant progress in rebuilding and stabilizing reserve accounts and need to ensure that growth in the community is properly planned for and managed.
  • Assist the planning, municipality and covenant committees as they present options to the community; help our residents make informed decisions on same.
  • Support preservation and reforestation efforts to the extent we, as an HOA, can do so.
  • Modernize the LLA Covenants and governing documents.
  • Improve the trails
  • Develop a plan for acquiring some or all Westwinds golf properties and integrating these areas into LLA open space; and submit this to the community for a vote.

Samantha Hoague

Positive, Safety, & Security

Leadership Style: Confident, intuitive, and respectful


My High School education was a program for journeyman machinist of which I graduated with top honors. I am also a graduate of University of Massachusetts with a BS degree in Engineering. During my tenure as a mechanical engineer for Racal Health & Safety here in Frederick, I attended Hood College for a MBA in Human Relations.
I currently hold an advanced teaching certificate for the state of Maryland with only 3 credits needed for the +60 credit hour (PHD Equivalent) education requirement.
My history includes holding a stockbrokers license, working as an engineer, machinist, business owner/designer and teacher.
I am also currently a board member for the Frederick County Teachers Association where we decide the operations and growth for this large operation.
My most enjoyable endeavor(s) has been and is that of a teacher in Frederick County, Parent and spouse to Abigail and Sally.

What encouraged you to run for the BoD?

To be honest I have been the Summerfield chair for several years now and realize that a few people can make the difference in a large organization. I have been blessed to work with my spouse in the capacity of chair but the community as well.
Lake Linganore is a large organization which is only getting larger and more wildly and I think with my experience and education we can keep LLA relevant as a place to live and grow our families.
I STILL love living here and am encouraged by that fact and who else but me can keep it that way for myself.

Short-Term Goals

  • Finishing the Dredging of the lake and bringing the amenity back to a lake that you want to swim, fish and boat in.
  • Managing traffic/speeding/parking in all of the villages. This also means pedestrian traffic. There is no cookie cutter approach that will work and effort as well as capital will have to be spent to “fix” this for the future.
  • Our regulations and covenants review and changes have to be completed as other villages get larger and new ones are brought on line.
  • My fourth short term goal is to come up to speed as quickly as possible to do the job.

Long-Term Goals

  • First and Foremost Economic security. We are in relatively “positive” financial times and should be preparing for times that are leaner.
  • Secondly, Village security and keeping our community a safe, green place to live.
  • Third, Managing positive growth. Growth is necessary and already part of our future plans but it must be made fair to all parties, current residents, future residents and developers.

George Schwab

Seek first to understand. The challenges at Lake Linganore are complex and many years in the making. Fair and resolute governance as well as a skilled and dedicated staff will continue to pave the way to a bright future for Lake Linganore.

Leadership Style: Collaborative, engaged and fair


I have a degree in Management and Finance and I have worked as a General Manager of Golf, Country Club and HOAs for the past 20+ years.
In addition, I have been involved with the Lake Linganore Finance Committee for the last 2 1/2 years and have served on the Board as the Treasurer for the past year. I’m also involved with the Lake Linganore Trailblazers and attend Strategic Planning Committee meetings when I can.

What encouraged you to run for the BoD?

I’m running for the LLA Board of Directors because I feel that my experience and background will help the LLA progress though some of the challenges we’re facing. I see a very bright future for Lake Linganore and I feel that I can contribute a bit to help shephard us toward that success. My strategy is to be an asset not a liability. There is no room for large egos and personal agendas on our board. I have and will work toward success for all LL villages equally.

Short-Term Goals

I’d like to see the dredging project completed as well as have a plan for ongoing lake water quality. I would also like to see a long term resolution to our challenges with the land on which the West Winds Golf Course is located. I feel that LLA and the Westwinds Board would do a much better job of managing that space than past entities. I feel strongly that we should continue to fund regular maintenance projects in order to keep all of LL looking good and in good repair.
As Chair of the Finance Committee our goal was to present a constant yield budget which allowed us to keep dues level. With the help of the LLA staff we were able to accomplish this for FY 2018-2019.

Long-Term Goals

If elected I would like to continue working on bringing the Covenants and Governing documents up to date. This will take a great deal of effort and time but but it’s a very important step for the long term success of Lake Linganore.
I would also like to continue to explore the pros and cons of becoming an incorporated town. This will require a great deal of research and communication with our residents. I hope to see more resident meetings on this topic.
Our natural environment and lake are our biggest assets and the reason most people move to and live in Lake Linganore. We must continuously work to maintain those assets.

Matthew Smith

Expect results.

Leadership Style: Open-minded, collaborative, and transparent


I have worked on and managed software development teams in Northern CA as well as the Baltimore area and am currently a quality director for a software company in Frederick. I have experience bringing all types of different people together to deliver high quality results while adhering to strict budgets and tight schedules.

What encouraged you to run for the BoD?

I’ve lived here for 5 years and am disappointed with the lack of helpful changes around the neighborhood. There are plenty of small improvements that we can work on as a community which will enhance the quality of life in the area.

Short-Term Goals

  • Cross walks painted at all of the bus stops.
  • Lighting for street/court signs.
  • Create a voluntary neighborhood professional directory.

Long-Term Goals

  • ┬áSolar powered street lamps.
  • Sidewalks or hiking paths around or near all of the playgrounds.
  • Guardrails on the portions of neighborhood roads that are next to steep drops.


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