2017 BoD Election Candidates

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Meet the Candidates!

Jack Anderson

Pinehurst / Woodridge

As a leader, I see myself as: Detailed, Inclusive & Energetic

After receiving my PhD in electrical engineering, I pursued a varied career in technical management, ranging from managing photovoltaic development in a startup, to managing development of a $2.3B global satellite system for telephone communications, to managing world-wide classified defense programs. In retirement, I run a small company providing secure internet services. This background has enabled me to develop numerous useful skills directly applicable to serving on the LLA Board of Directors – i.e. skills such as detailed planning, oversight and evaluation of complicated programs, long-range goal setting, collaborative management, and – importantly – management within a budget.

What encouraged you to run for the board?
After many years of learning from different career positions and over 30 years of enjoying Lake Linganore as property owner, it is time to give back. I now have the time, energy and enthusiasm to further the unique Lake Linganore vision which we all enjoy and want to preserve. Lake Linganore is growing – but needs to grow in a thoughtful and intentional manner. That growth is accompanied by difficult decisions and numerous problems that require not just a strong, involved board of directors, but also the input of the whole community and appropriate experts. We are facing challenging times and I would like to participate in solving some of those challenges.

Short Term Goals

  • In talking with Lake Linganore residents, I’ve heard numerous complaints – OK, let’s call them “issues.” Toward the top is budgeting, expenses and allocation of resources. What are the priorities? What about the roads? Why are the dues increasing so much? How do we get the information to make wise decisions for long-term planning? So my first goal would be to bring transparency and attention to that process – involving the community.
  • Speaking of transparency, villages have meetings where issues are raised. But the common complaint is that the Board rarely addresses those concerns. I propose that Board members reach out and offer to attend those meetings to glean community perspective and then act.
  • It’s important to review and revise the LLA covenants, including the dues structure. The Board is charged with abiding by these covenants and maintaining their integrity for the sake of the overall community, yet changes have been made with imprecise language or by interpretation.

Long Term Goals

  • The welfare of Lake Linganore depends on how the remaining properties are developed. This affects us all as it affects our property values along with the preservation of our natural environment. As development moves forward, poor planning and poor standards will have a lasting financial and visual impact on our community. To the extent possible, we need to be intentional in encouraging development and managing with clear standards that preserve the beauty of the natural environment that makes our community the unique gem it is.
  • There seems to be an “us/them” relationship with the County. However, we are part of the County and support the County through our taxes. Therefore we should build positive bridges with the County, while advocating for our fair share of support and benefits.
  • There are several ongoing, long-term programs, such as water quality, future preventative siltation measures and strategic planning for the overall community, which need to be pushed forward.

Bob Charles


As a leader, I see myself as: Dogged, Focused & Reasonable

I am an attorney with the US Army at Fort Detrick. I currently serve on the LLA Board of Directors,and I was previously on the Board of Directors. For many years I have headed up the Friends of the Lake subcommittee responsible for getting the upper lake dredged. In that capacity, I negotiated the cost-sharing agreement with the City of Frederick and Frederick County on behalf of the LLA under which dredging ought to begin this Spring or Summer.

What encouraged you to run for the board?
I am either a glutton for punishment or a pathetically slow learner, probably both.

Short Term Goals

  • Amazingly enough, getting the upper lake dredged is now a short (to medium) term goal to keep striving for and get done.
  • In the short term, the Board needs to make a decision on whether to go forward on the Community Center in order to satisfy our arrangement with the Developer. We need to get updated input from our community members and then make the decision.
  • Did I mention getting the lake dredged?

Long Term Goals

  • Because of our growth, we need to put in a new beach somewhere, and preferably somewhere with sufficient parking. I think the best choice would be to have it built in the Isles of Balmoral area, after the dredging has been done. Our Strategic Planning Committee should start looking at alternatives now so that we can coordinate efforts with the dredging effort, e.g., putting in road access.
  • We need to negotiate a cost sharing agreement with the City of Frederick to do maintenance dredging of the upper lake after the big dredge is completed.
  • I would like the community to adopt and implement a comprehensive lake conservation plan. I’d like a more pro-active approach than we have now.

My Message
Dredge, Baby, Dredge!

Stephen Ekanger

West Winds

As a leader, I see myself as: Strong Minded, an Active Listener & Balanced

My current position is a Financial Systems Engineer for a major software company. I have over 25 years of financial management experience. I have also served on the Board of Directors for LLA in 2004 for 4 years to the position of LLA Vice President. Finally, I have an MBA in Finance with an undergraduate degree in Finance.

What encouraged you to run for the board?
I am looking to run for the Board again as a way to both serve my community through active participation in making our community stronger and more fiscally responsible to the owners of this community and the residents across all Villages.

Short Term Goals

  • Achieve Financial Stability on Capital Expenditure Budgets.
  • Work towards Operating Budgets that continue to serve all Communities.
  • Opening doors to community members for a voice at the Board level.

Long Term Goals

  • Working towards continued Funding for Long Term Capital.
  • Continue the work towards dredging of the Lake for the betterment of the entire community.
  • Continue building strong relationships with our partners in the community at the Local, County and State level.

My Message
Fiscal Responsibility with an eye towards Transparency and a balance to Social Responsibility.

Michael Lorfing


As a leader, I see myself as: Diplomatic, Courteous & Tenacious

I am retired from Baltimore Gas & Electric Co after 36 years of service (now Exelon). I graduated from Catonsville Community College (Now UMBC) with a degree in general studies. Additionally, I was an active member of The Westchester Community Association in Catonsville responsible for “Citizens On Patrol”. During this approximately 5 year period, we were able to significantly lower crime by working with the Baltimore County Police Department by doing night patrols and curb excessive speeding by working with Baltimore County to install speed bumps and highly visible signage which had a very positive influence in bringing safety awareness to our community. My main qualification would be my strong desire to represent and lobby for the wants and needs of Woodridge community, and not my own special interests. I am a daily jogger and walker so I get to see and hear what people are concerned about which would give me a great pulse on our community.

What encouraged you to run for the board?
I am very concerned for the well being of Woodridge and I’m not afraid or reluctant to express our needs to anyone.

Short Term Goals

  • Reduce speeding.
  • Enforce LLA codes.
  • Create a safe and friendly community.

Long Term Goals

  • Clean our lakes and streams by protecting them from pollution runoff.
  • Encourage others to participate in LLA and Woodridge projects and events.
  • Create an avenue for other Woodridge residents to express their concerns.

My Message
I want to fight for your wants, needs and concerns even if I don’t agree. This is “OUR” community and special interests will “NOT” rule! Period!

George Schwab


As a leader, I see myself as: Collaborative, Engaged & Ethical

I am a Real Estate agent with Keller Williams Realty. My area of concentration is Lake Linganore and a 30 mile radius around Lake Linganore. My previous experience that qualifies me to be on the Lake Linganore BoD is 25 years as a general manager in private golf and country clubs as well as residential developments and associations. I have a Bachelor Degree in business management and finance. I have served on the LL Finance committee over the past year and a half. I have recently joined the Strategic Planning Committee and the Trailblazers.

What encouraged you to run for the board?
After serving on a number of committees in LL, and working hard to get to know and understand our community, I feel that I can be an asset to the Board and contribute toward the challenges our community faces. If I don’t get elected, I will continue to serve on the Finance Committee, Long-range planning committee and trailblazers. I love Lake Linganore and wish to contribute as much as I can.

Short Term Goals

  • To continue to learn as much about LL as possible.
  • To get to know my fellow Board and committee members.
  • To get a deeper understanding of our short term challenges.

Long Term Goals

  • To become familiar with LL’s long range plan and the process that has already taken place.
  • My approach is to come to the Board with an open mind and no agenda. I would like to see us finish the projects that we have committed to and help shepherd them through the process if needed.
  • To learn what direction our residents want to go with our community. I fully understand that not every resident will get their way and that some will be angry because they feel like we are not doing what they want us to do. It’s impossible to appease every resident. However, if we properly solicit good quality feedback, we will be able to have a good idea of where the majority want to go and we may even be able to do a few projects that appeal to smaller groups. I think giving people a voice is key.

Robert Stadelman


As a leader, I see myself as: Honest, Diplomatic & Open Minded

I am an upstream process scientist for a local biotechnology company. I bring 17 years of experience in scientific research and hope to assist in the community’s efforts to address water quality issues in our lakes. I have been a resident of Lake Linganore for over 3 years and am interested in maintaining the community’s amenities while preserving the natural surroundings we all enjoy.

What encouraged you to run for the board?
I would like to give back to the LLA. My family and I have lived in Lake Linganore for over 3 years after moving from Seattle. We’ve had a great experience living here. It is a wonderful community and I would be proud to serve on the Board.

Short Term Goals

  • Develop a comprehensive plan to address current water quality issues in our lakes and ponds.
  • Keep HOA dues at a manageable level and limit the large percentage increases we have been seeing over the past few years. With all the development our dues should be going down or remaining constant, not year over year increases.
  • Modernizing the covenants, rules and restrictions that govern our LLA.
  • Ensure resident and LLA committee feedback is incorporated into the decision making process.

Long Term Goals

  • Restrict spending on elective capital projects until capital funds are saved to adequately fund them.
  • Finish the analysis on becoming an incorporated town and present the results to our residents.
  • Continue to work with Frederick County and the State of Maryland to ensure environmental laws are being followed.

Christian Webster


As a leader, I see myself as: Inclusive, Analytical & Resolute

I am the Contract Administrator for a language services firm and bring over 17 years of direct business administration experience. Since moving to Lake Linganore in October of 2014: I have served as the Aspen Village Chair; I am the current chair of the Covenant Committee and I am a current director on the board. I have attended every BoD work session and meeting since Dec 2015, even before being appointed to my current term in September of 2016. I’m dedicated to insuring the LLA is operating as efficiently as possible while serving the will of the majority of residents and will remain heavily involved until the community has a documented and published long term plan and resolved all issues with daily operations.

What encouraged you to run for the board?
After being appointed to the current board this past September when a vacancy arose, I’ve quickly come to the conclusion that the biggest challenge any board will face is time. There is simply not enough time for any board to successfully discuss and ultimately address every issue that may arise in any given year. Having an abbreviated first term, I am seeking (re)election to continue with the initial steps that I have begun to address with regard to systematically documenting a variety of concerns and ultimately working to establish new guidelines and committees to ensure a continuity between each new board.

Short Term Goals

  • Direct LLA staff to perform a full audit of all existing policies and procedures to ensure written documents actually exist and are then systematically cataloged to address potential revisions based on priority.
  • Ensure that the newly elected board holds an all-day work session shortly after election to discuss priorities and establish key goals for the year.
  • Establish and/or reestablish communication and cooperation between our various committees, LLA office staff and the board.

Long Term Goals

  • In conjunction with our various committees, establish and publish a long term financial plan that incorporates both an updated reserve study as well as projected funding from the developer as part of the MOU to clearly outline the objectives under the Recreation Master Plan and the end goals from each of our committees.
  • Establish better methods to engage the larger community to insure any major changes or expenditures actually have the support of the majority.
  • Systematically review all issues identified within the full audit and develop guidelines to successfully address each issue between multiple boards over many years.

My Message
First and foremost we are simply a group of neighbors working on behalf of the community as a whole.

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