2015 BoD Election FAQs

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The Annual Board of Directors Election and Annual Meeting are being held on May 2nd. This year there are 4 seats available on the Board. The top 3 elected Candidates will receive two-year terms and the 4th ranked ‘vote-getter’ will receive a one-year term. This year make every vote count!

What is the function of the LLA Board?

Duties & Powers of the Board of Directors; LLA Bylaws, Article IV, Section 11: To establish policy; establish a budget and provide funding for that budget; establish yearly assessments; govern meetings; oversee staff; establish committees and appoint committee chairpersons; preside over compliance hearings and judgments; serve as the final judgment for ECC application denials.

There are limitations to the Duties & Powers of the LLA Board of Directors. Those can be referenced in the LLA Bylaws, Article IV, Section 12.

How many Directors can sit on the board at a given time?

The LLA Bylaws, in Article III, have determined the LLA board to have seven (7) directors at a given time, however periodically the number can be increased to a number not to exceed nine (9) or decreased to a number no less than three (3).

What is the term length that a Board Member serves?

Each elected director will serve a two (2) year term. However, if more than half of the seats become available, than the top three elected members receive two year terms, while the rest of the elected members receive one year terms. (For example: 4 out of 7 seats are available this year. The top three ‘vote-getters’ will receive two year terms, while the 4th ranked ‘vote-getter’ will receive a 1 year term.) This process ensures that there is always a mix of incumbent Board Members and new Board Members.

No director can serve more than two (2) consecutive terms (a maximum service time of 4 consecutive years).

Any outgoing director must wait a minimum of two (2) years before running for re-election. This ensures there are two-year gaps in between periods of service for incumbant board members.

Can a board member be removed from office?

A director can resign from their service at any time during their term. A director must maintain ‘Member in Good Standing’ status during the election period and subsequent term of office. If a director does not maintain ‘Member in Good Standing’ status for a period of more than sixty (60) days, they are ineligible to serve and can be removed from service.

If a member violates Article 14 of the LLA Articles of Incorporation they can be removed from service with a majority vote from the rest of the seated board members.

A board member can be removed by the rest of the Board for failing to attend 75% of meetings or more, within a 6 month period, without good cause. Removal can occur after written notification to the community.

Any meeting of Members, duly called at which a quorum is present, the Members may, by the affirmative vote of the holders of a majority of the votes entitled to be cast thereon, remove any Director or Directors from office and, at the same meeting, may elect a successor or successors to fill any resulting vacancy for the unexpired terms of removed Directors.

Why Should I Vote? Does It Even Matter?

Of course it matters! It is important to vote for Candidates that you feel represent your values. Each Candidate will have opinions related to the community and will want to steer the LLA in a certain direction. It is crucial to vote. Your personal priorities and areas of interest will be reflected in future Board decisions (formally called “Motions”). Some Candidates may believe stormwater management is a number one priority, while others may contend that Lake Restoration is a top issue. Some Candidates may desire the Incorporation of the LLA, while others are opposed. These are just a few hot topics that the Board currently discusses. Each issue will need to be addressed in great detail and concessions will always be made. The major question is: Where can the LLA afford to make concessions? The answer is not dictated by the LLA Staff, instead it is reflected in the decisions made by the Board of Directors.

In the next two years the LLA will be very active absorbing the needs and wants of the community as it grows and evolves. Further development will commence and additional infrastructure projects will be underway (Boyer’s Mill Road/Bridge, Nightingale Roads, Aspen North Development etc.). This spring, the Members who are elected into office will have the opportunity to make significant progress throughout the community. Exercising your right to vote on May 2nd secures an ideological road map for the LLA. It empowers the LLA Staff to make the desires of the Association Membership a reality.

Better Your Community

There are so many vibrant committees, clubs and groups in the Lake Linganore community—so what are you waiting for? Get involved! If you are passionate about a specific interest, then pour your energy into groups that cater to your strengths and concerns.

Several Villages still do not have established Village Committees and in effect lack representation. If you live in a Village without an active Chairperson or Committee, consider stepping forward this year and working to improve your neighborhood. Give your village a voice by initiating monthly meetings and communicating with the Board.

This year’s Election is a time to make your presence felt and your voice heard. Accomplish both by eVoting or voting in person on May 2nd. Learn about the issues facing Lake Linganore and get involved with a committee that advises the Board. Committees like Strategic Planning, Municpal Incorporation and the Finance Committee are research components of the Board of Directors. Without committees, LLA’s capacity to grow and improve, would be largely diminished.

This year you will notice a wide array of events and activities in Lake Linganore. The Events & Volunteer Coordinator, Anna Linehan, is working very hard to foster family fun and recreation right at your doorstep! The only way to offer a diverse events and recreation program is through volunteer support—so reach out this season with your time and talent!

There are so many exciting opportunities right in your own neighborhood-some residents have even joined national initiatives like Neighborhood Watch. Your community offers you the chance to lend your time, talent and energy. Lead or support one of LLA’s blossoming committees and help make Linganore a great place to raise a family.

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