Waterside Buffer Program

Buffer Up!

Contribute to the health and beauty of Lake Linganore!

Beginning October 15, 2018, residents can again sign up for the Waterside Buffer Rebate Program to encourage plant buffers using attractive garden designs and native plants. These buffers will reduce polluted runoff from entering our lakes and beautify your yard. Qualified homeowners can be reimbursed up to $300.

NEW THIS YEAR! The program has been expanded beyond properties adjacent to the lake. If your property contributes runoff to the lake, then you may apply as well.

What is a waterside buffer?

Waterside buffers are strips of vegetation where land meets lake.

Why buffers are important?

Waterside buffers are essential for healthy lakes. They:

  • Absorb excess nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen from natural and human sources,
  • Limit flooding by absorbing storm water runoff,
  • Filter sediment and pollutants from construction runoff,
  • Prevent erosion,
  • Provide shade and nutrients for fish and wildlife,
  • Enhance the beauty of our lakeshore homes, and
  • Are essential to lake protection.

You may apply if your home is on a lake or adjacent to LLA land that is next to a lake.

How to Participate:

  • Submit “before” photos, a design, and proposed plants list.
  • Download and submit your application
  • Once approved, you have six months to build your buffer area.
  • Send in your “after” photos and a receipt for native plants to receive your $300 rebate. (Keep in mind, you will only be reimbursed for native plants.)

Friends of the Lake will:

  • Meet with you to consult about your site.
  • Provide best practices guidance, design templates, plant lists, and a list of places to buy native plants.

For more information, contact Erin Johnson at buffer.lakelinganore@gmail.com