Letterboxes & Geocaches

Ready to Quest?!

2018’s LakeQuest begins May 1 (and ends October 31)!

2018 Prize Packages:

1. “Out on the Water” (Trailblazer 100 NXT Kayak)
2. “Throw Down” (KanJam Disc Game)
3. “Catching Shade” (10FT x 10FT Instant Up Canopy)

How to be entered

•Each registered find is one entry
•The first 5 people to find a letterbox or geocache and register their find (lakelinganore.org/quests for registering instructions), will receive a LakeQuest bag and an extra entry into a prize package. There will be a specific stamp (letterbox) and phrase on the log (geocache) members will have to record when registering to be entered.
•Anyone who submits a letterbox or geocache that is approved and placed will receive a LakeQuest bag (until bags run out) and two entries to the 2018 prize package. Learn how to submit at lakelinganore.org/quests.
•The first ten people to locate and register the 2018 original eight (total) letterboxes and geocaches will receive two additional entries to the 2018 prize packages.


Indian Caves


Plug in the coordinates to head straight to the location. A little searching will be required to find the geocache. Look for items that seem out of place (i.e. an extra “screw” or an oddly placed “rock”). Some have a decryption code to help you. Once the cache is found record the phrase on the log inside the cache to register (or decrypt the code) at www.lakelinganore.org/register. Registering finds is by the coordinate (not the trail).

Most caches can be found around the start or finish (sometimes middle) of a beautiful Lake Linganore trail. Follow the Trail Map Pocket Guide for more exploration and Lake Linganore scenery (available in the LLA office or online: https://www.lakelinganore.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/Trail-Map.pdf ).

Woodbridge Basketball Court

Coordinates: 39.419729, -77.328880

Coldstream Disk Golf

Coordinates: 39.418092, -77.308916

McFadden Park Tot-Lot

Coordinates: 39.429231, -77.304601

Coldstream Beach Volleyball Court

Coordinates: 39.410558, -77.307312

Coldstream Eastern Box Turtle Post

Coordinates: 39.41079582270467, -77.30589455836161

Summerfield Tennis Court

Coordinates: 39.405185, -77.295005

Pinehurst Pavilion

Coordinates: 39.413664, -77.295396


All you need to know about Letterboxes and Geocaches!

What are letterboxes and geocaches?


Letterboxing are is a treasure hunt, of sorts, that takes place in parks, forests, and cities around the world. Questers use clues to find Letterboxes carefully hidden in out of the way places, and sometimes not so out of the way places. Inside every box is your prize, which is often a stamp that has been hand carved by the creator of the box. Once you have found what you seek, you stamp your prize into your logbook and leave a stamp of your own and a note for the creator to let them know how much you appreciated the fun adventure they took you on.


Geocaches is a not unlike letterboxing, except instead of using clues to find your treasure, players use GPS coordinates and GPS-enabled devices, such as smart phones. Once you have entered the coordinates into your device it will assist you in finding your cache; caches range in size, so you have to have a keen eye and thoroughly search the area for your prize. Some boxes can be so small that they only have room for a small roll of paper, and some boxes are big enough to hold a logbook and various items or trinkets that players can exchange. Just like Letterboxing, once you have entered your find into both logbooks (yours and the box) you have to be sure to place them back exactly as you found them to ensure that the next player that comes along has the same great experience that you had!

We hope this quick guide has piqued your interest and invite you to check out the following websites for more information on these exciting hobbies: www.atlasquest.com and www.geocaching.com.

Register your finds

Register  your finds and let us know you found (or didn’t find) the below letterboxes and geocaches. Click here

How to Plant Letterboxes and Geocaches

Have an idea for where to plant a letterbox or geocache? Submit it to LLALakeQuest@gmail.com.

Stamp Carving 101

How to Carve Your Own Unique Letterbox Stamp

Often times Letterbox creators create a Quest that has special meaning to them, for example, a special dedication to their dog and the trails he loves to walk on, or their fascination with the Indian Caves and its history. Whatever your favorite parts of living in Lake Linganore may be, knowing how to carve a stamp that relates to those passions is key. By now you may be asking yourself, why can’t I just buy a pre-made stamp from the store? Of course, you can always do that, but sometimes the stamp you wish you could include in the box just simply isn’t available and carving your own unique stamp can be a fun activity. Below is a link to a step-by-step guide that can walk you through stamp carving.


Stamp carving kits are available in the LLA office.

Geocache materials are available in the LLA office to use once your submission is approved.