Policy Change: Leashes Required

September 10th, 2013 Comments Off on Policy Change: Leashes Required

Leash Use Required in Lake Linganore Association

Last night (Monday, September 9, 2013), at the BoD Meeting, the Board amended the Rules & Regulations to include new language regarding pets and leash use in the Association.

Below is the Motion that was passed on 9/9/13, and the resulting policy:

Motion:President Schlichting moved to approve and amend Section 3 of the Lake Linganore Association Rules and Regulations to the following:

SECTION 3 – Dogs, Cats, and Other Animals
a. All Provisions and requirements of the Frederick County Code, Chapter 1-5, Articles I & II, entitled Animals and Fowl & Dogs, Cats and Other Animals (as amended from time-to-time) are hereby adopted, ratified and incorporated as fully as if set out at length herein.

b. An animal shall be deemed as under the “immediate physical control” of its owner or keeper (as used in Chapter 1-5 of the County Code) if it is kept on a physical leash, confined within a fence or barrier, or within a vehicle.

c. Violation of the named Frederick County Code will be the responsibility of the individual member and their guests, and such members may expect a citation of violation by the Association for any such violation, as well as those which may be evidenced from Frederick County.

and in the interest of public safety said amendment shall be effective immediately and membership shall be notified of the rule change and the fines associated on the LLA Website, e-blast, and in October’s LakeTalk. In addition a new budget line item for a dog park pending identification of a suitable location and input from the Strategic Planning Committee. Treasurer Allemang 2nd. VOTE: 5-0 all in favor.

*The following Fine Structure is effective immediately:

Category/Type: Animal Complaints
– Nuisance barking dogs; animals roaming; animal defecating on LLA property. Fine Amount: $50
– Failure to keep property clear of animal feces. Fine Amount: $150