Pet Facts

Pet-Related Information You Need to Know

Pet Management on Common Property

The LLA is very proud to be a pet-friendly community. Pets and owners are often seen enjoying the trails and beaches (between Memorial Day and Labor Day pets may not be on the beach between 7 am and 7 pm).

However, LLA cannot express the importance of leash use enough. Please be kind and courteous to others while in common areas and keep pets leashed at all times.

Leash Use is Required

Lake Linganore Association’s Rules & Regulations have adopted the Frederick County Code, Chapter 1-5, Articles I & II, about Animal and Fowl regulations and restrictions. Frederick County states the following:

AT LARGE. An animal shall be deemed to be at large whenever it is not on the owner’s property or under the immediate physical control of a responsible person capable of physically restraining the animal.”

An electric collar may assist in keeping the animal directly next to the person walking them. However, an animal beyond arm’s reach of its owner, would not constitute immediate physical control.

Please remember even a friendly and exuberant animal can unknowingly cause harm. Members must use a leash while walking their pets.

Free Roaming Pets

LLA understands that accidents happen and sometimes pets make a mad dash to explore the outside world. However, it is against LLA Rules and Regulations to allow pets to roam freely. Additionally, free-roaming pets are vulnerable to local predatory wildlife, can cause a nuisance to neighbors, and are at risk of being picked up by Frederick County Animal Control.

Pet Waste

It is discourteous and unsanitary to leave pet feces for neighbors to find, pick up, or worse, step in. There are over 50 pet waste stations throughout the villages within LLA for Members to conveniently dispose of pet waste properly. Please consider bringing a waste bag dispenser in case you find yourself in an area without a pet waste station.