New to Lake Linganore

Getting Familiar with LLA

The Lake Linganore Association (LLA) is a homeowners association chartered on February 13, 1969, by the State of Maryland.

The purpose of the LLA is to provide a quality living environment for residents of Lake Linganore. The information below includes some of the information and benefits of being a member in the LLA.

Home Owners Association Assessments

Assessments are billed annually on March 1 of each year and run through February 28 of the following year. “Members in good standing” are those who have paid their LLA dues in full or have set-up a payment plan.

Assessments are due by March 31. At this time all residents must be paid in full or must establish a payment plan with the LLA. A nominal interest rate will be applied to those members who wish to pay their assessment on a monthly basis.

Accounts that are more than 30 days past due are subject to a 1 percent monthly finance charge and late fees. Monthly payment plans are not available to unimproved lot owners.

New Owners

New owners must provide a copy of their settlement sheet and an email address to the LLA staff within 30 days of closing. They will then receive access to their online membership account where they can add their members, upload their photos; add automobiles, boats, and more. This is necessary in order to receive membership ID cards, auto barcode permits, and to receive future correspondence, including assessment notices, Friday Flyer E-News, and the monthly association news publication – LakeTalk.

New Tenants

New tenants must provide a copy of their lease agreement and an email address to the LLA staff within 30 days of signing. They must also fill out a Tenant Data Sheet signed by the owner in order to be entered into the Association database. Both of these actions are necessary to receive membership cards, auto barcode permits, and to receive future correspondence.

Account Information

Each property owner (not available for tenants) has an online LLA membership account with a unique user id and passcode. Your account record holds your communication preferences, contact information, names and ID# of each member of the property (owners & tenants), all vehicles, boats, boat trailers, golf carts and portable basketball hoops registered at the property and more. You may access this information and update it at any time via and clicking on “my account”. It is your responsibility to update this information throughout the year. Payment of your HOA dues through BB&T Bank (dues payments are not accepted at the LLA office) each March triggers the automatic renewal of your Photo ID Barcode Permit, Vehicle Parking Barcode Permit, Boat Barcode Permit, Boat Trailer Barcode Permit and Golf Cart Barcode Permit. If you have other items that require an additional payment (boat racks) you may pay for the renewal of those through your online membership account. This is a completely separate payment from your annual dues payment.

Your annual dues payments must be made through the BB&T bank website. You can get there either while in your online membership account by clicking on the HOA DUES TAB or going directly to their site at Most find it easier to go to their membership account since they can review their account, make any updates, pay for their permits via credit card and then click on the HOA Dues Tab where all of their BB&T account information is available to them right on the screen. One click of the on screen link takes them directly to the BB&T payment page.

History of Eaglehead

Eaglehead was conceived and originally developed by William and Louie Brosius/Linganore Corporation, the brothers designed a master plan for a community centered on recreational lakes and nature trails to provide a unique quality of life to residents in this “new town”. Many design and engineering aspects of the master plan achieved national recognition and awards in the 1970s. One national publication described the master plan as literally writing the book on environmental responsibility in land development.

Lake Linganore at Eaglehead was the first planned unit development (PUD) created in Frederick County. Although the master plan for the PUD was established in 1968 by an agreement between Linganore Corp. and the Frederick Board of County Commissioners (BoCC), the PUD has never been completed.

The master plan included a town center with commercial and residential property, as well as a total of 15 villages with a variety of home styles and residency options (including tower apartment buildings) that would create an age diverse community, seven lakes with beaches and dams, parks, playgrounds, trails, pools and tennis courts.

The original developers were forced into bankruptcy due to a banking crisis in the early 1970s. Although Linganore Corp. managed to build one swimming pool facility, a golf course with a club house and a few miles of trails, only four lakes and dams were constructed, no more than 20 homes were completed and most of the roads in the community never had time to be built. For the most part Eaglehead roads, which are privately owned by the Home Owners Association (HOA) known as the Lake Linganore Association (LLA), have either been constructed by later builders or partially built by the LLA. In 2002, residents created a special taxing district to build good roads in five of the older villages. In two of the villages (Summerfield and Westwinds) the roads are owned by Frederick County and the LLA has no authority or jurisdiction.

Development sat idle for more than 20 years after Linganore Corporation folded. Throughout those years, spot lot builders were permitted to build many individual houses in the PUD, although the responsibility of building the major community infrastructure did not fall to them. Two major developers/declarants have come along in recent years but they have been, to date, unsuccessful in getting the county government to agree to conditions that would allow final build-out of Eaglehead.  In 2009, the Frederick Board of County Commissioners down-zoned the bulk of the developable land to agriculture/resource conservation.

The mission of the LLA is to represent and serve the interests of the HOA corporation and its property owners within the PUD. The association is guided by a board of directors, operates under direction of the legal covenants of the corporate charter, enforces the legal governing documents of the HOA, and is supervised and maintained by an association staff. LLA directors and management represent to local government and developers/declarants the long-term interests of the overall community of existing homeowners to protect the quality of life and the value of the individual properties.

The LLA maintains a web site for residents to access forms and other information that will help you to meet your obligations and enjoy life in Eaglehead to its fullest. Monthly updates about community issues are covered within the LLA official notification publication, LakeTalk, which is distributed to all member property owners.