Letter from the LLA Board

May 14th, 2013 Comments Off on Letter from the LLA Board

Dear Lake Linganore Residents:

The newest LLA Board of Directors that resulted from the annual election held this month are enthusiastically awaiting our first upcoming meeting on May 20 and we welcome all to join us and become informed and involved regarding the many challenges and opportunities facing our community. We also thought it was vital to ensure that you were aware of two upcoming meetings that will be held at the county offices. The outcome of these meetings could have profound effects on the eventual build-out of our community by the current developer. Our community has an opportunity to take advantage of a willing developer that has engaged the LLA in honest dialogue over the last several months and they’ve listened and responded to our desire to have a meaningful role in shaping the eventual outcome of our community. This is unprecedented in the history of our community. The developer is committed to seeing that our community reaches its full potential and that it becomes an even greater place to call home.

How we got here and what we stand to gain moving forward?

After changing hands several times over the 45 year history of the Lake Linganore community, Oakdale Investments LLC is the current owner of the remaining portions of the original community conceived in 1968 and that remain to be developed. The developer has invested considerable effort into a comprehensive plan for completing the build-out of our community over the next 25+ years. With the success of the developer’s vision, we stand to benefit from several improvements to infrastructure and amenities in and around our community. These include but are not limited to contributions that will go into roads and amenities funds, a land parcel that could support a much desired community center facility, and perhaps even more importantly, the developer has agreed to contribute funding and land parcels in support of dredging needs for the lake, a complex and costly undertaking for which we are only beginning to understand the overall costs to complete. The LLA stands to gain over $11,000,000 in benefits if the slow build out envisioned by the developer is approved as a zoning restoration and Developer Rights and Responsibilities Agreement (DRRA) by the County (see below).

What next steps help our community reach its potential and how can you help?

Our community receiving the benefits noted above as well as other infrastructure improvements all hinge on Oakdale Investments gaining approval from the Frederick Board of County Commissioners (BoCC) for a restoration of zoning status back to Residential from the downzoning to Agricultural that was done by previous BoCC’s. The developer also desires to enter into a Developer Rights and Responsibilities Agreement (DRRA), with the county that will commit the developer to various infrastructure and funding requirements as well as provide assurance to the developer that it’s zoning status will not change for the duration of the agreement (25+ years), reasons for which previous developers have been forced to claim bankruptcy and that have left the growth and planning of our community in limbo.

On Wednesday May 22, 2013 at 7:00PM, the Frederick County Planning Commission will hold a public hearing at Winchester Hall to include the agenda items for both the zoning restoration amendment and the DRRA. Please attend this meeting and voice your support for the approval of the zoning amendment and DRRA.

Tuesday June 18, 2013 is the tentative date set for the public hearing before the Board of County Commissioners. More details will be given as the date/time is finalized. Your attendance at this meeting to support the zoning amendment and the DRRA is requested.

This is a critical time for the LLA if we wish to gain some stability and assurance over our future and avoid the serial bankruptcies and uncertainties of the past 40 years!

Developer provided DRRA Summary Details and Map:

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Note: You may also refer to Pages 32 and 33 in your May Issue of LakeTalk.

We look forward to your participation in all of the above meetings.

Thank You.

Lake Linganore Association Board of Directors