Lakes & Beaches

Maryland Boat Regulations

The lake water in Linganore is regulated by the State of Maryland. Please note that DNR has the right to monitor activity on Lake Linganore and will enforce state rules and regulations. Please click here to learn about Maryland’s boating regulations.


Lake Linganore has two private beaches for the exclusive use and enjoyment of its members. All members must be in good standing and have their photo ID’s with them at all times, to avoid being asked to leave the beach. Leashed dogs are allowed on the beaches within the Common Properties of the Association 30 minutes before sunrise until 30 minutes after sunset except during the period from Memorial Day until Labor Day. During this period, dogs will not be allowed on the beaches between the hours of 7am through 7pm. There are no lifeguards on duty, swim at your own risk. Fires, glass bottles, alcohol and fireworks are not permitted. All items must be removed from the beaches daily, tents or other items may not be left overnight to “stake out” territory.

Beach Parking Areas

The beaches are very limited on parking spaces and are on a first come first serve basis. You must have your registered vehicle parking permit hanging from the rear view mirror with the ID number and expiration sticker clearly visible from the outside. Violators will be towed at owner’s expense, no exceptions.


There are four lakes in Eaglehead.  These lakes are for the exclusive use and enjoyment of Linganore members.

Lake Linganore

The largest of the lakes is Lake Linganore, which is approximately 209-acres with 13 miles of shoreline. This lake has two beaches, one located in the Coldstream Village on the northern shoreline, and the other located in the Nightingale Village on the southern shoreline. The lake was created by impounding the waters of Linganore Creek and Ben’s Branch with the Brosius Dam, named for the father of the original community developers.  Permission to create the lake was granted only with the condition that the community never impede the flow of the water of Linganore Creek because historically it has been a major source of drinking water for the nearby City of Frederick since the early 20th century. Snow melts and heavy spring rains cause much of the sand at the beaches to be washed away so every year about mid-May new sand is placed on the beaches, depending upon weather trends. The lake is 50-feet at its deepest spot.

Lake Merle

Lake Merle is located in the Meadows village. It has a small beach at its northern shoreline, located at the end of Fox Chase Road.

Lake Anita Louise

Lake Anita Louise is located in the Pinehurst village. This lake does not have a beach but does have a dock from which fishermen can try their hand at catching some of the small and large-mouth bass, crappie and blue gill that live in the lake.

Lake Marian

Lake Marian is located along Eaglehead Drive heading toward the Woodridge village. This lake does not have a beach or a dock but there is a trail that circles a portion of the shoreline and allows for fishing.