Humane Deterrent for Vultures

November 11th, 2013 Comments Off on Humane Deterrent for Vultures

Lake Linganore Association is home to many different bird species. Turkey Vultures are certainly no exception! Residences in Coldstream and Nigtingale near the lake have been home to resident vultures for years.

Unfortunately these birds are messy neighbors. Vultures can be very destructive to property, especially roofs. To encourage them to leave your home, Department of Natural Resources recommends shooting a starter pistol during early morning and early evening hours. Starter pistols shoot blanks, and do not pose a threat to the birds or the community.

The use of starter pistols to deter vultures from roosting on residential property is not a new practice in Lake Linganore. Please be reminded that loud shots may occur periodically around sunrise and sunset, as lakeside residents attempt to deter vultures from roosting on their property.