Free Yourself to Fall Forward

October 1st, 2012 No Comments

Why do we fear falling forward?

Is it the blindness of the plunge or maybe unforeseen expectation that prevents us from disarming?  We revel in the concept of progression, but often eagerly retreat with our familiar albatrosses.  We ought not delay our impulses as their persistence is fleeting and our endeavors are quick to fall faintly into memory.   Like childhood toys we are apt to retire our dreams, leaving them for another, abandoned and unfinished, but never fully forgotten.

Reaching forward is easy, exciting and without responsibility, however falling forward resurrects liability, doubt and even guilt.  Falling forward manifests full investment, uncompromising and riddled with the potential for challenge and perhaps even hardship.  Falling forward is the unpredictable clash of ambition meeting uncertainty.  Falling forward allows an idea to be exercised; it is the ability to pursue your truth beyond the boundaries of rational thought.

Is falling forward a mirage or manifest destiny?

The pretense of everyday life is what inhibits the senses, mutes the conscience and jades an aging spirit.  Falling forward protests the civilized paradigm that creates society.  Falling forward laughs at the best laid plans and has drinks with Mr. and Mrs.  Spontaneous.

Falling forward is not impulse.  It is the instinct to pioneer and succeed along the path of Bobby Frost.  The road less traveled can be unpopular and treacherous, but offers true emancipation.  Falling forward is the personal prophecy that liberates the soul and releases ingenuity.  Falling forward is metaphysical, for it means that forthcoming action can benefit from mental buy-in and full potential of resources.

Can we separate our art from of our folly?

Dreaming is an art, but innovation is a skill.  Falling forward is allowing the intangible to materialize.  Mastering the art of falling forward means becoming an evangelist of ideas and a creative practitioner.

Falling forward commands that the host mind eternally adopt personal truths and defend them fiercely.  Art becomes practice when we surrender to what brings us felicity.  Utopia of the mind is a reality, but it comes when we are developing and cultivating our true happiness.  Utopia is possible when are our art and our craft marry.  Falling forward means running toward your future, embracing the unknown and embarking on your journey without reservation.

Falling forward is like going home.  You return to your enduring strengths and you cast stones at the shackles of conformity that have accosted your mind and derailed your travels.

Falling forward is hard to do.  Do not let the façade of time fool you into forfeiting your future.

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