Annual Assessments

Annual assessments are required to be paid by March 31 of each year unless the member requests to be placed on a monthly debit withdrawal plan. Arrangements for payment plans must be made through LLA finance manager Gary Jenkins. Annual assessment invoices are mailed in February of each year. Assessments must be paid in full or placed under on a monthly payment plan in order for the LLA member to receive membership cards, vehicle tags, etc. The assessment invoice mailing includes a member data sheet that asks for all the information necessary to provide all members their membership cards, vehicle tags, etc. It is the responsibility of the member to ensure that all information is updated.

Accounts Past Due
Have you received a notice in the mail stating that your account is past due? Send payment for the past due amount immediately to the LLA office to avoid collection proceedings with an attorney.

If your account becomes seriously delinquent, the LLA can file a lien against your property in order to collect the debt.


How do I obtain settlement documents?

You may order documents online at the Resale page of this site.

How much are my dues?

Dues information for the year ending February 28, 2017 can be obtained by logging in to your Membership Account.

How are dues calculated?

Dues are based on the average assessed value of all improved properties in a village.  The assessed values are obtained from MD Land Records to determine the average assessed values.  The expense side of the budget is prepared, then a rate (cents per $100 of assessed value) will be determined that will generate enough income from the average assessed values to operate the association for the year.  That rate is applied to the average assessed values to determine the dues for each village.

What do my dues cover?

Dues include full use of all amenities, trash, pools, plowing, reserves, road maintenance, administration and operational costs.  They do not include water and use of boats on the lake. A full budget can be seen on

What is a Community Improvement Fee and do I have to pay it?

This is a fee imposed on every property when it transfers ownership, it is to be paid in full at settlement by the buyer.  The fee is currently $600.00 for vacant lots and $1000.00 for improved properties.  These funds are utilized at the discretion of the BOD for any capital improvement to LLA community.